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Mime is a minor character in The Angry Birds Movie and its sequel. He is shown to do nothing except what a normal mime does, and occasionally saying his catchphrase: "Oh, my God...".He is voiced by Tony Hale.



Mime shares an appearance with his own namesake and resembles the stereotypical mime. His irises are black. He has lavender eyebrows and a yellow beak with white face paint and is tipped with red lipstick. 

It is unknown if his flashy appearance is his due to makeup, his natural plumage, or a combination. 

His upper half is primarily white, with horizontal black with white stripes across his torso up to the neck, and down to his arms, to the wrists. His lower half is completely black, legs included, and the feathers are much fluffier, lending with a puffy-pants look.


Mime seems to have a calm personality. Since that he is only one mime, he only acts things out. Whenever he is surprised, he says, "Oh, my God...", which is his catchphrase.



  • In the French dub of the movie, "Oh, my Gosh..." was replaced by "Oh, Marceau...", which sounds similar to the original line. This change was made in reference to Marcel Marceau, a very famous French mime.
  • The Mime was voiced by Tony Hale, who also voiced Cyrus and Ross.

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