Mind The Pony is the thirteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 3 and the ninety-first overall.

This episode was aired on January 8, 2016.

Toons.TV Description

Chuck and Bomb go for a rescue mission in the heart of Pig City, but when the dust settles who is left to clean up?



Two minion pigs have stolen the eggs again from the birds, and were running through Pig City. There was a tiny pig playing with a wooden pony. The minion pigs nearly ran over the pig and his pony, which angered him. They also almost ran over Chronicler Pig, with his pages everywhere. As Bomb and Chuck raced through Pig City to retrieve the eggs, they wreck havoc in Pig City with their fast acrobatics, and then ride on skateboards. A CCTV picked up Bomb and Chuck, and the minion pigs carrying the eggs radioed Corporal Pig for backup, prompting him to send what appears to be a huge tank.

Then Bomb and Chuck skid down a railway, and the tank crushed the stairs and a church-like building. Then the tank ran into the birds, and later the pigs. However, Bomb and Chuck threw the eggs into the air, back-flipped onto the tank and then onto the ground with the eggs landing safely on Chuck. The tank crashed into Corporal Pig's house, and the pigs were seen falling from the sky. However, the pigs then trapped the birds with their weapons, and Bomb and Chuck were surrounded. This caused Bomb to stick out his tongue, and blew up, flattening the entire Pig City. Corporal pig still chased after Bomb and Chuck, but accidentally broke the tiny pig's pony, which made him cry. Deciding not to get the blame, Corporal Pig ran away. Just then, a police car with a cage came, and Corporal Pig, Bomb, Chuck, and the eggs were standing before the court with handcuffs.

The judge, Chronicler Pig, asked the tiny pig the crime they committed, and the pig showed him the broken pony. Then Chronicler Pig sentenced them to fix the broken pony immediately. Bomb quickly fixed it, and the tiny pig was happy. However, many other pigs were in line, because their things are broken, causing Bomb, Chuck and Corporal Pig to cry out loud.



  • This episode's copyright information dates 2015 instead of 2016 due to productions happening in 2015 instead of 2016. This occurred for the rest of all the Season 3 episodes.


  • A segment from Ride of the Valkyries is heard when Corporal Pig first appears and just before Bomb blows up.
  • This is the first time that an Angry Birds character got arrested (which is Chuck, Bomb, Corporal Pig, and the Eggs)
  • This is the second episode to show a small (tiny) pig, the first being Treasure Hunt.
  • This is the first episode to show Bomb helping a pig, in this case fixing the tiny pig's pony.
  • At 0:22, the Epic Sax Minion Pig could be seen on a cover of a magazine that a Minion Pig using the toilet was reading.
  • At 1:38, the scene used is either reused or bears a huge resemblance to the one used in Dogzilla.
    • Coincidentally, Corporal Pig was involved in the plot and the cause of the explosion in both episodes.

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