Mine and Dine 15-15
Episode Template:Original Episode
Level Number 258
Birds Sequence Chuck Chuck Chuck Matilda Bomb
No. of Pigs Small Pig x2 Medium Pig x4 King Pig x1
3-Star Score Template:Threestars
Mine and Dine 15-14 Mine and Dine 16-1

Mine and Dine 15-15 is the fifteenth level of the first episode of Mine and Dine.


Fire the first Yellow bird into the middle of the first stalactite, causing it to fall straight down. The collateral damage causes the left tower to fall. Fire the next Yellow bird through the both stalactites and the rope holding the boulders. All that remains is hitting the TNT in the middle with the Yellow bird. Either a direct shot or a lob shot should work.


  • This level was supposed to have Corporal Pig in it, but has King Pig in it instead. The cutscene even shows Corporal Pig defeated, but King Pig really took his place.

Video Walkthrough


Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Mine and Dine 15-15


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