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Mine and Dine 15-2
Theme 15-2.png
Episode Mine and Dine
Level Number 245
Birds Sequence Bomb Matilda Bomb Matilda
No. of Pigs Small Pig x5 Medium Pig x2 Corporal Pig x1
3-Star Score ThreeStars (Transparent).png: 120,000 points
Blocks Unknown
Other features Unknown
Mine and Dine 15-1 Mine and Dine 15-3

Mine and Dine 15-2 is the second level of Mine and Dine.


Shoot the Black Bird in the middle of the level to activate the TNT. This should destroy half of the level. Shoot the White Bird at the rectangular wooden block the same level hight as the slingshot. Before the White Bird gets hit, use it's egg ability. Shoot the Black Bird at the last remaining pig. You should get 10000 points for the remaining White Bird.

Video Walkthrough


Official Angry Birds Walkthrough Mine and Dine 15-2

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