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Score Mighty Eagle Versions

Mine and Dine 17-10 is the tenth level of the third episode of Mine and Dine.


Fire the first Chuck into the foot of the top-left structure, causing it to topple leftward onto the jewels below. With the next Chuck, take out the stalactites above the bridge on the far-right. Be sure to hit them low enough so that the Chuck falls and triggers the TNT below. Try to roll on the jewels and break them for bonus points too. If you're very lucky, the Chuck will break all of the jewels and blow up all of the TNTs below and then pop all of the pigs there (If this happens, you just need to clear the top with Bomb). Place Bomb into the top-central structure to clear any pigs there, but mostly for a path to the bottom. Lob the last Chuck to trigger the TNT in the middle of the level and the level will be cleared. If you can, lob Bomb to the right rope (there are two ropes hanging a Medium Pig sitting on two small stones at the left side) and he'll go all the way down to the TNTs and you'll get bonus points with the last Chuck.

Video Walkthrough[]


Angry Birds 17-10 Mine & Dine 3 Star Walkthrough

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