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Mine and Dine 17-14 is the fourteenth level of the third episode of Mine and Dine.


Strategy #1

Fire the first Yellow bird into the top-left TNT. One of the stones will fall onto the TNT at the far-right and clear the bottom-right of the level. Arc a White bird up and bomb the left side of the top structure. If anything remains in the top structure, use a similar trajectory with Big Brother. Otherwise, fire into the TNT in the bottom-left to finish the level.

Strategy #2

Fire the Yellow Bird almost straight up and speed him immediately to the long wooden structure which is having a Small Pig inside and having the purple crystals next to an another Small Pig sitting on a TNT in a small structure at the bottom. At the top right of this long structure is a Small Pig sitting next to the stones which is above the purple crystals at the bottom right. If you shoot him correctly, the Yellow Bird should go straight down to the long wooden structure and the whole long structure will be destroyed. This destruction may include some other pigs to the destruction. Arc the White Bird up to the top left wooden structure and bomb the left side of the structure. Try to destroy as much as you can at this structure. After that, shoot the Big Brother Bird to the two TNTs at the bottom left to push the boulders and the stone blocks to the right and clear the whole bottom left. Now, the level should have only two pigs or less remaining left. Catapult the first Red Bird to the top left TNT to shoot the three small rocks to the three TNTs at the far-right and then the rocks on those TNTs will shoot into the TNT that a Small Pig is sitting on. The whole bottom will be destroyed. This can also be used for bonus destruction if there are no pigs remaining left after the push of the Big Brother Bird. Finally, if there are pigs remaining, use the last Red Bird to clear the level.

Video Walkthrough


Angry Birds 17-14 Mine & Dine 3 Star Walkthrough

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