Chillin' like a villain!

''So... Raw recruits, ehh? Do you have what it takes to be minions? Do you have the primal need to defeat the Angry Birds? Do you have the heart of underling? The sheer determination of a subordinate? The burning desire to mindlessly follow orders no matter how insane they might be?''

Corporal Pig, Angry Birds Comics Issue 4 (The Green Rookie story)

Minion Pigs are the pigs as enemies that first appeared in Rovio Entertainment's Angry Birds. They also appeared Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds 2, and Bad Piggies. They also appear in Angry Birds Toons and Piggy Tales.


Personal data


A Minion Pig (Note that he is before Chrome.)

  • Name: Minion Pigs
  • Known Aliases: Pigs, Green Pigs
  • Group Affiliation: Bad Piggies
  • Best Friends: Each other
  • Possible Family: Each other
  • Voiced by: Antti LJ Pääkkönen


Minion Pigs, unlike other pigs in more specifically Angry Birds 2, don't have special powers. They are extremely weak and usually are left unprotected and can easily be popped.


In general, Minion Pigs are mischievous and don't think very well. They are hard workers and work well as a team. They are of lowest importance in Pig City.

The Minion Pigs are rather silly and clumsy, which usually causes them to get into trouble. Most of them are treated as slaves, as seen in Another Birthday. However, strangely, while some of them live in cramped spaces some of them live in separate houses, which may possibly mean that some Minion Pigs are of higher rank than the others.

Most Minion Pigs aren't interested in capturing eggs, and are only manipulated by the King Pig. However, some Minion Pigs are devoted to the King and spend almost all their time on getting eggs.

Like regular pigs, Minion Pigs enjoy mud baths. They additionally enjoy building things, and "being silly". However, they dislike fighting, being told off, and Corporal Pig bullying them.

Minion Pig's Description From the Angry Birds Official Website

The birds may see these guys as Bad Piggies, but the truth is they aren’t so bad after all! Blindly loyal to the King…yes. Largely clueless…double yes! But actually they don’t like fighting or causing trouble – instead preferring to roll around in muddy puddles and generally goofing around with each other. They do exactly what they’re told and this is what gives them such a bad name!

The Minion Pigs are on the front line in the battle against the birds, which works out for King Pig who doesn’t like to get his trotters dirty! The King’s happy to sit comfortably in his castle and send the pigs off to face their fierce and feathery opponents. And as the minions are so agreeable, they just nod and accept their orders without question. Come on pigs, rise up and say no!

The minions are clueless about most things – almost everything, in fact! But together these odd little creatures can build some surprisingly creative things. Yep, give a pig some old bits of wood and a toolbox and he’ll create a crazy contraption out of nothing. It may look a bit wobbly but it’ll (probably) get you from A to B. Just don’t expect first-class travel or for it to stay in one piece!

The Minion Pigs never ever give up! It’s part of their piggy DNA to just keep going and going – no matter how stupid this may be! When their rickety old junkyard vehicles crash and fall apart, they pick up the pieces and try again. And when King Pig orders them to steal the eggs, they keep going back to face certain defeat. Some say they’re optimistic, others would say foolish!

Modified from the Birdsonality Test:

Minion pigs are born team players. Warm-hearted, talkative, and good at following directions, they thrive in an orderly, cooperative environment. But, being such a people person, they're also in danger of getting too caught up in other people's opinions.

Stella Super Interactive Annual Book Description


These pigs are the worst of the worst. They were exiled from Piggy Island by King Pig probably just because they were caught smiling on one of the king's bad days! Now they are loyal servants to the Bad Princess and blindly follow her unreasonable demands!

They're dumb, clueless and ultimately harmless. In fact, they'd spend all their time goofing off if they weren't so keen to please the Bad Princess who they believe to be true royal!

LOVES: Mud baths, The Bad Princess.

FAVOURITE MODES OF TRANSPORT: Walking! Walking and carrying the Bad Princess! Walking over to carry the Bad Princess!



Minion Pigs have always been seen in Angry Birds games due to being such a crucial part of the game, serving as the most seen enemy.

Main article: Angry Birds

This marks the Minion Pigs' first appearance.

Minion Pigs are the only characters that appear in every single level, as there is not even a single level that does not feature at least one type of them. They used to be in their original sprite, but were eventually changed to their Google Chrome sprites.

Main article: Angry Birds Seasons

The Minion Pigs additionally appear in every level of Angry Birds Seasons. Unlike in the first game, they can be seen equipped with all kinds of accessories, such as bows, hats (but hats also appear in the original game), etc.

Main article: Angry Birds Rio

The Minion Pigs only appear as balloons during actual gameplay, and are replaced by caged birds and marmosets. However, a single medium pig can be seen in the final cutscene of the game along with Foreman Pig, and they have finally reached the eggs until they are again stopped by the birds.

Main article: Angry Birds Space

The Minion Pigs assist the King Pig in stealing the Bird's eggs again, and flying into space with them. They are followed, of course, and as always appear in every single level of the game. They can be seen in bubbles that allow them to breathe; and if they are not in a gravitational field and the bubble surrounding them is popped, then they will freeze and pop.

Minion Pigs also can be sucked in by gravitational fields, and will likely ultimately be defeated, unless they somehow are able to smoothly roll down.

This game features the minion pigs and the other pigs in their chrome sprites for the first time, and the minion pigs also get eating, laughing, and sleeping animations that taunt the player.

The Types of Minion Pigs

Small Pig

Small Pig



Abilities Splitting into 3 in King Pig Mode
First Appearance Theme 1-1
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Many
Strength Weak
Size Small

   Small Pigs are pigs featured in the first four Angry Birds Games and are the smallest of the entire Pig. It is the first pig encountered in the entire game, starting at Theme 1-1. It is also the weakest pig in the games it appears in, and is defeated by a simple falling bird or block. It is weaker than all the other pigs in the game and is very common after its first appearance.

Small Pigs, like the other pigs, will be able to roll but will unlikely be pushed and will likely be popped even through the slightest tap. Their injured sprites can rarely be seen due to their easy defeat.

Medium Pig

Medium Pig




4442244224 副本


ABMovie Minon Pig 5

Abilities Squealing (in King Pig mode same as Red)
First Appearance 1-14


Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Many
Strength Weak
Size Medium

   Medium Pigs are medium sized pigs and the 2nd weakest pig in the game. Because of its medium size, it is the second largest of the Minion Pigs. It can be easily destroyed by all birds, but usually in large buildings.

It is weaker than the Large Pig, Corporal Pig, Moustache Pig and King Pig. The only pig that is weaker than this pig is the Small Pig. It first appears in Poached Eggs Theme 1-14 and is quite common after its first appearance.

The Medium Pigs are the most used pigs in the series, and are typically the only sized pigs seen in most animation series.

Large Pig

Large Pig
Abilities None
First Appearance Theme 1-5
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Many
Strength Weak-Normal
Size Large

   Large Pigs are large sized pigs in the Angry Birds series and one of the largest of the Minion Pigs. This pig is the third weakest of all the Pigs in the game, and is weaker than the Corporal Pig, Moustache Pig, and King Pig, and is stronger than the Small Pig and the Medium Pig.

Huge Pig

Huge Pigs
Fat pig
Fat Pig, an exemple of a Huge Pig.
Abilities Being stronger than any pig.
First Appearance Level S-4
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations Any level
Strength Strong
Size Huge

   Huge Pigs are huge sized pigs in the Angry Birds series, they are the largest of the Minion Pigs. This pig is very strong, having to take several hits to be defeated, they are stronger than King Pig and any type of pig, they appear mostly on Angry Birds Friends, having various variations, not counting their Angry Birds Evolution version. Exemples of  huge pigs are Fat Pig , Sea Monster Pig , Dragon Pig , Rampig, etc.


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  • The pigs are the main enemies of all the games except Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Holiday, Angry Birds IslandsAgri Birds and Angry Birds POP! 2 .
  • In Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work, it's shown that minion pigs love cheese and apples.
  • In Angry Birds Toons, in Cordon Bleugh!, it's shown that they love Matilda's cooking while the birds don't.
  • In the Google Chrome version, the location of the pigs' ears was changed.
  • Along with other Pigs, the design for Medium Pigs have changed in the Google Chrome.
  • While in the Angry Birds games, they all have similar appearances, they appear to have all kinds of different appearances in the Angry Birds Movie, such as features as being round, fat, short, etc.
  • In The Angry Birds Movie, there is a scene that has two pigs dressed up like the girls in a scene of The Shining, they also say "Red Rum" which in backwards spells ''murder''. ''redrum'' was also featured in The Shining as a code.
  • In the former toons version of The Angry Birds Official Website, In Foreman Pig's Bio, it is been to reveal that there are a total of 7,345 minion pigs.

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