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"So... Raw recruits, eh? Do you have what it takes to be minions? Do you have the primal need to defeat the Angry Birds? Do you have the heart of underling? The sheer determination of a subordinate? The burning desire to mindlessly follow orders no matter how insane they might be?"
Corporal Pig, Angry Birds Comics #4

The Minion Pigs, also known as the Bad Piggies,[1] are characters that appear in the Angry Birds series. They are ordinary pigs of varying sizes and inhabitants of the Piggy kingdom on Piggy Island. Despite being mostly clueless and incompetent, they are surprisingly creative, and tend to work as the engineers of the regime, although their structures and vehicles are often very fragile and collapse easily.

The Minion Pigs are in the lowest rank of the Piggy kingdom society and make up the majority of its population. Lacking basic rights, the Minions are constantly exploited as the workforce or military of the regime, but are nevertheless content with their lives. Although they do not like fighting, the Minion Pigs carry out their superiors' orders without question, forcing them into the kingdom's ongoing conflict with the Angry Birds.[1][3] The pigs often face strong punishments for dissidence, including deportation from the Piggy kingdom; for this reason, many Minion Pigs are also found on Golden Island, where they work for another regime ruled by Gale.


Main article: Minion Pigs/Angryverse

Originally, the Minion Pigs were round-shaped pigs covered in lime-colored skin. They had small eyes and a medium-sized pig snout in between. On top of their head, they had two small ears. On their back, they also had a short, corkscrew-like tail. The Season's Greedings animated trailer gave them a more cartoonish look and larger eyes. Over time, this became the standard design for the Minion Pigs.

In The Angry Birds Movie, the Minion Pigs' design was changed to give them an anthropomorphic body with cloven hooves at the end of their limbs. The head is now directly connected to the torso without a neck. Future releases would switch between this design and the old one.

In Angry Birds Journey, the Minion Pigs got another design. In artwork, they look similar to the Minion Pigs from The Angry Birds Movie, though shorter and with a younger appearance. In levels, they have their round, limbless designs, some of them even being square in shape.



A group of Minion Pigs bowing to Gale, who is wearing a crown she had just found, from "A Fork in the Friendship".

Overall, most Minion Pigs are hard workers. They are very loyal to their ruler, who they obey if the latter wears their crown. This means that, with some exceptions, they cannot recognize their ruler if the latter is not wearing their crown.[4][5] Without a ruler, the Minion Pigs often wander around looking for someone to obey.[6]

The Minion Pigs are very stupid by nature, being unable to spell the alphabet, ignoring warning signs,[7] and even thinking that gender doesn't matter when birds lay eggs (of course it does, silly!). No matter the situation, they will always try to find something to have fun with, such as the lights turning out[8] or them making funny sounds,[9] which more often than not leads them to get distracted. To compensate this however, they never give up, no matter how many times they have failed, and constantly try and try again until they manage to achieve their goals.[1] This makes them a great threat to their enemies, specially combined with the great numbers of them.[10] Another threat posed by these pigs is often the exxageratedly creative methods they used to solve their problems, such as how a lumberjack pig hooked up a contraption to his axe to cut wood while he was asleep because the roof of his home was turned into a road (and even the concept of somebody's roof being a road for whatever reason to begin with). The minion pigs are also strong & fast, comparable to actual horses, to the point where the reason King Pig's cart is able to move is because of the pigs themselves pulling the cart.

Types of Minion Pigs

Small Pig

Main article: Minion Pigs/Small Pig

Small Pigs (also known as Tiny Pigs) are special types of Minion Pigs featured in the first four Angry Birds games and are the smallest of the entire Pig. They're the first pigs encountered in the entire game, starting at Theme 1-1. They are also the weakest species of pig in the games and they appear in and is defeated by a simple falling bird or block. They're weaker than all the other pigs in the game and are very common after their first appearance.

Medium Pig

Main article: Minion Pigs/Medium Pig

The Medium Pig is a medium-sized pig and the 2nd weakest pig in the game. Because of its medium size, it is the second largest of the Minion Pigs. It can be easily destroyed by all birds, but usually in large buildings. It is weaker than the Large Pig, Helmet Pig, Moustache Pig, and King Pig. The only pig that is weaker than this pig is the Small Pig. It first appears in Poached Eggs Theme 1-14 and is quite common after its first appearance.

Large Pig

Main article: Minion Pigs/Large Pig

Large Pigs are a species of Bad Piggies in the Angry Birds series and are the largest of the Minion Pigs. This pig is the third weakest of all the Pigs in the game, and is weaker than the Corporal Pig, Foreman Pig, and King Pig, and is stronger than the Small Pig and the Medium Pig.

Huge Pig

Main article: Fat Pig

Huge Pigs are huge sized pigs in the Angry Birds series, they are the largest of the Minion Pigs. This pig is very strong, having to take several hits to be defeated, they are stronger than King Pig and any type of pig, they appear mostly on Angry Birds Friends, having various variations, not counting their Angry Birds Evolution version. Examples of huge pigs are Fat PigSea Monster PigDragon PigRampig, Big Pig etc.

Professions of Minion Pigs

Main article: Category:Professions of Pigs

Agent Pigs

Main article: Bodyguard Pigs
Agent sin

Appear in the Chuck Mania series, where they protected Chuck from the fans. They are Ordinary Pigs who wear black glasses and headphones. In Royal Heist, Epic Sax Pig is guarded by many agents who later arrive to rob him.

Apple Vendor

Main article: Apple Vendor Pig
Apple with caramels pig

A Pig in an orange visor selling caramel apples. Appeared in the episode Where's My Crown?. A similar piglet can also be seen in the Bird Arena in Angry Birds Epic.


Main article: Artist Pig
Artist Pig Red Hat

This Pig painted a portrait of the King Pig after successfully stealing eggs in the Bird Flu series. Wears a red beret.

Later appears in The Golden Egg and The Portrait. Here he already has a black beret with spots of paint. The first time he painted a portrait of Gale, but she didn’t like the art, and the pig flew out the window with his work. In the series The Portrait, I also drew a portrait of the Princess, but it turned out unsuccessfully again. After the kidnapping, Willow helped her with her work. In the end, instead of Gale’s broken brush, I received a new one from the artist.

In Premonition, he meets Willow again in the forest, where she teaches him how to draw. But due to the golden egg effect, he turns into stone. At the end of the series it was returned to its original state.


Main article: Bookmaker Pig

The Bookmaker appeared in the Brutal vs Brutal, where he accepted bets on either Goliath Pig or Chuck winning. As you can see in the picture, much more was bet on the pig.


Main article: Butler Pig
Main article: Young Butler Pig
Jukebox throwing records

Two Pigs of different ages appearing in the Battling Butlers series. The older pig is gray and old, has a bow tie, the younger one is dark-haired, also with a bow tie. Throughout the series, they tried to serve the King Pig as much as possible, but were subsequently replaced by a new butler, and they themselves were sent to clean the latrines.


Main article: Cleaner Pig
Where's My Crown-6

The Cleaner is a Pig who cleans up the King Pig's trash. Easily recognized by their special headdress. Has a brush and dustpan for work. Appeared in the episode Where's My Crown?.


Main article: Commentator Pigs
Commentator Pigs

Appears in the Brutal vs Brutal series. They discussed the outcome of the boxing match between Chuck and Goliath Pig, which ended scandalously for the spectators, but peacefully for the fighters. Just like a news anchor, commentators wear headphones and have one microphone.


Main article: Construction Pigs

They work in cities, performing various tasks in the construction of new houses. They appear in the episodes Egg's Day Out, King Of The Castle and Slumber Mill, where they were building a road, as well as in the song Ode to Snow, where they were building a house for the Foreman Pig.

In addition to Toons, they appear numerous times in the Piggy Tales series (such as Roughnecks) and Piggy Tales: Pigs at Work. They also appear in the levels and cutscenes of the episode of the original game The Big Setup, where they are the main characters.


Main article: News Reporter Pig

The Correspondent appeared in the series Dogzilla and Toy Hoggers. In the first, he reported on the danger from a toy dog, in the second, he conveyed news from a special operation to exchange a teddy bear from Terence and everyone’s joy after its success. Features headphones and a tennis ball microphone with a handle.

Don King Pig

Main article: Don King Pig
Brutal vs Brutal-39

Appeared in the Brutal vs Brutal series. Served as a boxing referee in the fight between Chuck and Goliath Pig. Wears a silver wig and yellow round glasses. Later he dispersed the spectators with a fire extinguisher.


Main article: Druid Pigs

Appears in the episode Pig Possessed. Pigs are represented with purple hats and torches. They were assistants to the Shaman Pig in expelling the demon from the King Pig.


Main article: Fireman Pigs

Rescue service operating in the Pig City. Their fire brigade is led by the Foreman Pig. They wear red helmets with the image of three eggs.

Appears in the episode Hog Roast


Main article: Gardener Pigs
Gardener Pigs

Gardeners monitor the condition of the King Pig's garden. They trim bushes in the Shape of Pig Snouts using pruning shears, take care of the lawn, etc. Found in the series Love is in the Air and Shrub it In.


Main article: Guardsmen Pigs

Pigs greeting the King Pig and playing trumpets, on which hang flags with the image of . They wear uniform headdresses similar to shakos. Appears in Pig Plot Potion, Love is in the Air, Bird Flu and Sir Bomb of Hamelot, where a march is solemnly played during the appearance of the King Pig.

Hockey Judge

Main article: Hockey Judge Pig
Hockey Judge Pig

First appeared in the Cold Justice series. It is a Pig wearing a purple helmet with yellow stripes on the sides. He carries a gray whistle.


Main article: Hockey Pigs

As individuals, little is known about them. From the series it is clear that these are Ordinary Minions, and most likely they have the same personality as Minions. Each team has "key" players: the red team has Goliath Pig, and the blue team has Hockey Pig. Other hockey players most likely respect these players.


Main article: Housemaid Pig
Housemaid Pig

A Pig that appeared in The Butler Did It!. He played the role of a suspect to bring the King Pig movie to life.


Main article: Jester Pig

A Pig dressed as a Jester whose job is to entertain the King Pig with his puppet. He appeared in the episode Slappy-Go-Lucky.


Main article: Lifeguard Pig
Rescuer Pig

The Lifeguard Pig was looking out for the pigs at the beach, and reacting towards the Sandcastle competition between Chef Pig and King Pig.


Main article: Lumberjack Pig

He work in logging and timber transportation. Appeared in Slumber Mill. Have helmet.


Main article: Miner Pigs
Miner Pig Classic 2

They work in Pig City at the mine, mainly engaged in chopping stones and other similar routine. In the episode Egg's Day Out, Red and the egg were almost broken, without even noticing it. Also appears in the episode Mine and Dine. They have picks and hammers, but in Mine and Dine they wear helmets and carry picks and shovels.


Main article: Musician Pigs
Musician Pigs

An orchestra consisting of four pigs, two of whom play the trumpets, the third plays the accordion, and the fourth plays the organ. They played at the wedding of the King Pig and Cabbage in the episode Love is in the Air. They also appeared in the episodes Hambo and Bird Flu, and one of the musicians appeared in the episode Pig Talent. The orchestra also appears in the episodes Operation Opera and Sleep Like a Hog.

Ordinary Pigs

Main article: Minion Pigs

Ordinary Pigs are the Corporal Pig's assistants, together with him they make continuous attempts to steal eggs from birds. Apparently, they are obliged to unquestioningly obey the Corporal Pig and the King Pig. Appears in many episodes.


Main article: Paramedic Pigs

In the episode Cold Justice rushed to help an injured Hockey Pig, but flew into a barrier. They later carried the Hockey Pig as he gave the cup to Matilda.

Pig City Advice

Main article: Wig Pigs

Some of the most respected pigs in the Pig City. They monitor the implementation of laws. They help the King Pig create them and introduce them themselves. All Council members are required to wear wigs to the ceremony. Found in the Piggy Wig episode.


Main article: Pirate Pigs
Imageedit 1 2306479446

Pirate Pigs appear in one of the Angry Birds Go! announcements, in the Pirate Pig Attack set, and in an episode of Jenga. Perhaps they are thieves and robbers, like real pirates. It is also possible that the pirates do not obey the King Pig. In addition, a separate Angry Birds Friends Pirate Tournament was dedicated to them.


Main article: Police Pigs
Toy Hoggers-44

Two pigs appeared in the Mind the Pony series, where they arrested the culprits who broke a toy horse - Chuck, Bomb and Corporal Pig (as well as eggs), and put them in a cage that they brought with them. Later, as part of the SOBR detachment, they appeared in the Toy Hoggers series, where they covered the King Pig and the Foreman Pig during a special operation to exchange a teddy bear from Terence. They are distinguished by blue pickelhelms with gold plaques and also transparent shields.


Main article: Postman Pig
IMG 5044

Postman Pigs appear throughout the Angry Birds series. Their main job is to give news to the player about announcements relating to new games or content.

Powers and abilities

While not having any unique superhuman abilities, save for strength & speed comparable to actual horses (the reason King Pig's cart is able to move so quickly is because of the pigs themselves pulling the vehicle), the Minion Pigs can use their tails for a variety of things. They have been able to turn them into swords[11] and functional corkscrews[12] with no problem. In addition, they are experienced builders; once, a Minion Pig managed to build three entire houses on his own.[13]

Minion Pigs are also durable, with them surviving repeated blunt-force trauma multiple times, and are even resillient enough to be used as wheels for vehicles without any problem.

The Minion Pigs are able to cheat death; when they are hurt enough, they will be sent to a white limbo, where they will be healed by Dr. Pork and then taken back to the normal world.[14] There are also Minion Pigs who managed to directly revive from the dead without going to the limbo, such as the undead enemies and the Zombie Pigs.


The Minion Pigs are very weak to attacks and can be popped very easily.


Main article: Minion Pigs/Gallery


For the classic dimension, see Minion Pigs/Angryverse/Classic#Audio.


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Playable characters Red | Bomb | Stella | Bubbles | Matilda | Foreman Pig | King Pig | The Blues | Terence | Hal | Corporal Pig | Chuck | Ayrton Senna* | Chronicler Pig*** | Ice Bird***
Non-playable characters Chronicler Pig* | Mechanic Pig* | Minion Pigs
Tracks Seedway | Sub Zero | Air | Rocky Road | Stunt | Weekly Tournament | Jenga
Vehicles Air Guita | Arctic Roller | Barbequick | Barrel Roller | Beach Buggy | Big Boomer | Big Burner | Blue Cornet | Capster | Cool Runner | Cork Wagon | Drum Roller | Ham Glider | Hog Rod | Iron Belt | Matchstick Mobile | Music Maker | Phoenix Star | Pinky Tonk | Point Breaker | Punch Box | Rocket Racer | Royal Snout | Semi-Skinner | Shred Sled | Snow Scoop | Sponge Cruiser | Strike Out | Sty GT | Tar Barreller | Tracked Trekker | Trash Thrasher | Tub Thumper | Woodwind
Items Bird Coins | Blueprint** | Booster (Boost*, Kart Repair*, King Sling, Target Kart*) | Gems | Ticket** | Toolbox**
Gimmicks and obstacles Glass | Stone | TNT | Wood
Music Albums Angry Birds Go (Original Game Soundtrack)
Songs "Songbird"
Other Earth (Piggy Island) | Level Failed | Star | Telepods | Rovio Account | Cancelled sequel
*Appears in the 1.0.0 version only
**Appears in the 2.0.0 version only
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Playable characters Angry Birds (Space Flock), Bomb (Space Bomb), Bubbles (Atomic Bird), Chuck (Lazer Bird), Ice Bird, Red (Super Red), Terence (The Incredible Terence, Wingman), The Blues (Lightning Birds)) | Blackhole Bird* | Drill Bird* | Snowball Bird* | Space Egg
Non-playable characters Darth Maul | Hand*** | Lightbulb Pig | Mighty Eagle (Mighty Buzzard, Space Eagle) | Space Sheep | Slash Bird | Skunkbird | Tinfoil Hat Pig | Toucan Sam | Toucan Sam's Nephews | Zigzag Antenna Pig
Enemies Space Pigs (Corporal Pig, Foreman Pig, Hektor Porko, Minion Pig, King Pig, Alien Pig, Fat Pig) | Spacecraft Pig | S.P.A.R.K.
Episodes Pig Bang | Cold Cuts | Fry Me to the Moon | Utopia | Red Planet | Pig Dipper | Cosmic Crystals | Beak Impact | Brass Hogs | Solar System | Eggsteroids | Danger Zone | Froot Loops Bloopers**
Modes Daily Missions | Level Editor | Mirror Worlds
Bosses King Pig's UFO Tank | The Claw (Cold Cuts) | Big Bork Fat Pig | Curiosity Rover | King Pig's UFO Submarine | Alien Pig's UFO | The Claw (Beak Impact 1) | The Claw (Beak Impact 2) | King Pig's Brass Hogs Fortress
Items The Claw | Egg | Eggsteroid | Nest | Powerup (Flock of Birds, Pig Puffer, Space Egg, Wingman) | Slingshot | Space Egg Cannon
Gimmicks and obstacles Glass | Stone | TNT | Water | Wood
Music Angry Birds Space (Original Game Soundtrack)
Other Angry Birds Comics (2016) #9 | Angry Birds Space: A Furious Flight into the Final Frontier | Angry Birds: Birds in Space | Angry Birds Space: Planet Block | Angry Birds Space comic | Angry Birds Space VR | Angry Birds Space: Colors | Angry Birds Space: Numbers | Angry Birds Space: Maze Mania | Learn to Draw: Angry Birds Space | Angry Birds Space Joke Book | Angry Birds Space: Search and Find | Angry Birds Friends Golden Egg Level 10 | The Daily - Birds in Space | Destruction gauge | Earth (Piggy Island) | Star | Angry Birds Space Assault! | Angry Birds: Hatching a Universe | Winnable Objects | Rocket Science Show
*Appears in the Prototype version only
**Limited Time
***Appears in the PC version only
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Playable characters
Non-playable characters Hand* | Hatchlings | Mighty Eagle | Postman Pig | Jo | Sonic the Hedgehog
Enemies Minion Pigs (Special pigs)
Bosses Chef Pig | Foreman Pig | King Pig | Zeta
World Map locations Cobalt Plateaus | Pig City | Bamboo Forest
Items Apple | Arena tickets | Black Pearls | Chests | Eggs | Feathers | Gems | Lives | Slingshot | Spell (Blizzard, Chili, Golden Duck, Mighty Eagle, Pig Inflator, Sponsored Spells)
Gimmicks and obstacles Score Multiplier Rank | Bumper | Balloon | Destruct-O-Meter | Glass | Lava | Rocket | Stone | TNT | Water | Wood
Activities Daily Challenge | Clans | The Nest | Jetpack Run | Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp | The Arena | Rowdy Rumble!
Albums Angry Birds 2 (Original Game Soundtrack)
Other Angry Birds 2 Creators | Flock Forward | Earth (Piggy Island (Bamboo Forest, Cobalt Plateaus, Pig City)) | Star | Level Failed | Gallery | Beta elements | Credits | Glitches | Chapters
Note * - Appears in the PC version only
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Playable characters Angry Birds (Bomb, Chuck, Red, The Blues)
Enemies Dr. Frankenswine  · Minion Pigs
Items Slingshot
Gimmicks and obstacles Glass  · Stone  · TNT  · Wood
Modes Level Builder
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Playable characters Angry Birds ((Space Flock), Bomb (Space Bomb), Bubbles (Cosmic Bubbles), Chuck (Lazer Bird), Hal, Ice Bird, Matilda, Red (Super Red), Silver, Stella, Terence (The Incredible Terence, Wingman), The Blues (Lightning Birds), Tony) | Garry | Harvey | Leonard | Space Egg
Non-playable characters Birdie | Chef Pig | Courtney | Daft Piggies | Mighty Eagle (Mighty Buzzard, Space Eagle)
Enemies Alien Pig | Corporal Pig | Eagles | Fat Pig | Foreman Pig | Leonard | Minion Pigs (Construction Pig) | Space Pigs | Spacecraft Pig | Zeta
Episodes Bird Island/Piggy Island Hot Pursuit | When Birds Fly | Party Crashers | Bacon Beach | Bamboom Forest | Wrecks & The City | Pigs In A Banquet | Piglantis
Eagle Island Frenemies | Enter The Volcano | The Frozen Heart | Birdnapped | Finding Zeta
Secret Area Off The Menu | Pie Hard | Daft Piggies | Midsummer Mayham | Moon Festival | Ham'o'ween | Ham'o'ween 2 | Pie Hard 2 | The Swine and Dine Tour | Snowball Showdown | Midsummer Mayham 2 | Ham-Mock Time
Space Pig Bang | Cold Cuts | Fry Me to the Moon | Utopia | Red Planet | Pig Dipper | Cosmic Crystals | Beak Impact | Brass Hogs
Carnival Abra-Ca-Bacon | Space Hog
Other Golden Eggs | Frost Festival
Modes Competition
Items Accessories | Billy | Bird Coins | Egg | Eggsteroid | Power-Ups (Birdquake, Boombox, Flock of Birds, King Sling, Pig Puffer, Power Potion, Sling Scope, Space Egg, Wingman) | Slingshot | Space Egg Cannon | The Claw | The Eggs
Gimmicks and obstacles Carnival | Red's Holiday Calendar | Frost Festival | Balloon | Billy | Cake | Dice | Donut | Easter Egg | Glass | Greek pillar | Grey block | Lava | Pumpkin | Rubber | Stone | TNT | Treasure chest | Water | Wood | Sardine
Other Earth (Bird Island, Eagle Island, Piggy Island (Cobalt Plateaus, Bamboo Forest, South Beach, Pig City) | Level Failed | Piggy kingdom | Star
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Playable characters Angry Birds (Bomb, Chuck, Matilda, Red, Stella, Terence)
Non-playable characters Hatchlings (Ariana, The Blues, Samantha, Vincent, Will, Zoe)  · Hug Trader  · Mighty Eagle  · Monica  · Shirley
Enemies Corporal Pig  · Foreman Pig  · Leonard  · Minion Pigs (Lollipop Fan Pig, Ninja Pig, Sneezing Pig, Shooter Pig, Marshmallow Pig, Relaxing Pig, Cardboard Box Pig, Scout Pig, Sign Holding Pig, Fart Pig, TNT Pig, Boxer Pig)
Items Slingshot
Gimmicks and obstacles Glass  · Stone  · TNT  · Wood
Modes Mission Mode  · Classic Mode
Others Gallery · Minecraft · Earth (Bird Island (Camp Splinterwood, Bird Island Beach, Eagle Mountain), Piggy Island)  · Star  · Piggy kingdom