Mona Litha is the fifteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the sixty-seventh overall.

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One of Chuck's friends sets him up on a hot date. The table's set, and the candles are lit for a romantic evening.


Chuck gets ready for his date by cleaning his teeth with his tongue and brushing his hair. After he finishes, he puts on his clothes and opens the door to the dining table. Chuck calls for his waiter, and he dresses as one. As he orders, the waiter pours the drink in the boulder's bottle, until it overflows on her. As he tries to clean it off, the boulder slides off the cliff. As it falls, it hits a few rocks until it falls on the rock seesaw-like ground. Chuck prepares the table on it, but this time his waiter adds decorations on. Chuck's rose is set on fire by one of the candles, Chuck thinks fast and throws it away, and gives his boulder girlfriend a glass of drink. Just as he was about to hand it out, the whole area is set on fire. Chuck calls for his waiter to set it out. Just when his waiter was out of water, the boulder is set on a blaze. Chuck tries to pour a big amount of water, but the area starts to mutate. The boulder and Chuck fall off the area down to the ground. The boulder's face was cracked to pieces, Chuck was surprised, but didn't care as he tries to imitate as his girlfriend. The waiter witnesses this and was not pleased. Seconds later, the place is set a blaze again as the credits roll, Chuck sighs.



  • This is the third time we see Chuck's reflection in the mirror. The first was Dopeys on a Rope and the second was in Chuck Mania.
  • This title card of the episode is a reference to the famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.
  • It could be possible Chuck found another boulder and made it like his date.
  • A pig statue can be seen in one shot with Chuck holding the rose on his mouth.
  • When the scene changes to Chuck's waiter at the end, Chuck was there as him, although he was already imitating as his girlfriend. It could be possible this was another canary.
  • The episode's title may be a reference as a name of a person in a painting called "Mona Lisa" and monolith.
  • The setting in this episode was also relatively similar as 12th episode Boulder Bro.
  • This is the first episode to have only one on live character (And probably only, on Angry Birds Toons )


  • This episode dates in 2014 with the credits instead of 2015 for the third time, due to it being made in 2014.
  • The apps are not seen in the sneak peek again.


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