Crossing Guard Bird
Abilities None
First Appearance The Angry Birds Movie
Gender Female
Species Bird
Locations Bird Island
Strength unknown
Size Medium

   Monica the Crossing Guard is a minor character from The Angry Birds Movie. She is a crossing guard stationed on a portion of Bird Village's main street who controls foot traffic through and across the street, using a flag to stop those traveling on the street and allow pedestrians to cross it. She was voiced by Danielle Brooks.



Monica is a large, pale-yellow bird who wears an orange safety vest. Like Eva and Willow, her brown crest resembles human hair.


Monica nonchalantly and happily proceeds with her duty of controlling traffic across an assigned portion of the village's long main street, and is willing to give any pedestrians a fair opportunity to get from one side of the street to the other. When she lowers her flag to block anyone from continuing down the street, she insists that those being stopped must wait as long as possible until it's all clear, even if there are pedestrians like Shirley who need to take their time to cross. She gives no thought over how this strict waiting requirement would do no favors for an already angry Red, who was on his way to the Infinity Acceptance Center at the end of the street after being sentenced there for a civil dispute.


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