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Monty in Angry Birds Epic.


Monty can be seen in The Angry Birds Movie.

Monty is the one of the Pigs (enemies) in Angry Birds Epic. He is the one who ruined Matilda's garden.

He was also a Guard pig who later appeared in the Angry Birds Movie.

In the movie he was told by Leonard "Not in these walls. In the castle!" In the movie he was different than in Angry Birds Epic.


In the game he has a brown hood and a back mask and there is a green and yellow and orange stripe popsicle when he was holding,

In the movie he doesn't have a mask and a hood either. He has a dark green helmet and he has a red, yellow and white striped lollipop on his helmet but his helmet is like Corporal Pig and he looks like Corporal Pig. This version is based on the Corporal Pig from Angry Birds Epic.

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