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The Moon is a location that appears in the Angry Birds series. It is a planetoid orbiting the earth.


The surface of the Moon, from Angry Birds Rio.

The Moon takes the appearance of a small, white colored planetoid that is seen orbiting the earth, most notably during nighttime. Most of its surface cannot be seen on earth due to the distance between it and the latter's surface.[1][2] When seen while on top of it, the Moon's surface is white (or light brown[2]) colored with many small craters. The Finnish flag also appears on it.[1]



Angry Birds Rio

In Angry Birds Rio, attempting to go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Angry Birds were sent to the Moon, much for Red's wrath. From there, they entered the earth's atmosphere and landed on the outsides of Rio, much for their satisfaction.[1]


Angry Birds Bubble Trouble

Season one

While playing hide-and-seek with Chuck, Red went to the Moon via a jetpack to avoid being found by the yellow bird. However, he found many Lazer Birds there, much for his anger.[2]

Game appearances

Angry Birds Seasons

In Angry Birds Seasons, the Moon is where some levels in Summer Pignic and Pig Days take place. In these levels, gravity will be reduced notably.



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