Moon of Endor
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Episode number 6
Levels 32
New features Ewoks (Drum only)

Biker scout copyJabba II

Released September 12, 2013
Game(s) Star wars
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Cloud City Death Star 2

Moon of Endor is the sixth episode of Angry Birds Star Wars it was released on September 12. This was after he was rescued from being trapped inside the carbonite block forever by Princess Stella.

Birds and Pigs

  • Biker Scout Trooper (6-8)
  • AT-ST (not neccesary needed to complete level (6-4)
  • Jabba the Hutt and the Endor Shield Bunker (Boss at level 6-32)



  • This episode had released before Angry Birds Star Wars II by 7 days.
  • The Rebel Pilots do not appear in any of these levels in this episode.
  • According to the movie, starting cutscenes took place at Tatooine, when Luke and Leia saved Han before going to Moon of Endor.
    • It's possible that these cutscenes were origially meant to be played on Jabba's Palace, an unused planet.
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