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Moon of Endor 5-12 (Angry Birds Star Wars)
Episode Moon of Endor
Level 172
Order of Birds ObiLukeObi
No.of Pigs Storm pig x9 Maximilian Veers transparent x2
Target Score: ThreeStars (Transparent): 105,000 points
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Moon of Endor 5-11 Moon of Endor 5-13

Moon of Endor 5-12 is the twelfth level of Moon of Endor. To pass this level with three stars, you should pop all pigs and score at least 105,000 points.


  • The top pig can be tricky.


Send Obi-Wan towards below the hanging wheels, pushing the middle one with the Force into the pig trooper above. Obi-Wan should continue into the far-right structure, causing it to topple toward the middle of the level. Detonate the TNT below to clear the level.[1]


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