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Moon of Endor 5-16 is the sixteenth level of Moon of Endor. To pass this level with three stars, you should pop all pigs and score at least 54,000 points.


  • The fortress is far from the slingshot.


Bounce the Red bird off the drum and into the stone wheel far, far away. The stone wheel can crush the structure next to it, clearing the level.[1]

Note: Bouncing a bird in the different position of drum will make the different projectile.


See Video Walkthrough


  • Drum is introduced here. It bounce all objects which is all above this. Bouncing a bird off of a drum does not remove the bird’s ability. In the former game, birds which bounce with trampoline (Angry Birds) and Jell-O (Angry Birds Space) always employed the rule that bird abilities are canceled upon contact with any object.[1]