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Moon of Endor 5-30 is the last level of Moon of Endor. To pass this level with three stars, you should pop all pigs and score at least 120,000 points. This is a boss level.


  • Getting 3 stars is very hard.
  • Some pigs out of the bunker can be tricky, too.


Send Luke straight down into the first TNT. The domino effect should eventually topple the left AT-ST backward, pushing wheels into the bunker behind it. Fling Han into the hanging branch, firing upward at the branch above the remaining AT-ST’s head. Note that even if no pigs are visible, there are still two in the bunker. If it doesn’t fail from falling debris, use Obi-Wan to push the pile of wheels toward the bunker. The level ends when the bunker is destroyed and the pigs within popped.[1]


See Video Walkthrough


  • This level also played "Imperial March", too.