Mooncake Festival
Mooncake festival
Episode number 7
Levels 33
New features Unknown
Released September 1, 2011
Game(s) Angry Birds Seasons Ragnahog Icon
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Summer Pignic Ham'o'ween

For the similar episode featured in Season 2012, see Year of the Dragon.

Mooncake Festival (also known as Moon Festival) is the seventh episode in Angry Birds Seasons. It is also the fifth episode in Season 2011. The setting is China. Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival for the new moon. Rovio announced the episode shortly before August. The episode is the first to be held in a certain country. Golden Mooncakes are available, and are similar to Golden Eggs.

The name of this episode used to be Mooncake Festival, but was renamed to Moon Festival in the Ham'o'ween update.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  Inspired by one of my legendary tales of days gone by, Chuck decided to throw a Mooncake Festival party for his fellow birds. He decorated a clearing in the trees with chinese lanterns and even made a huge paper dragon. As the Flock tucked into the tasty mooncakes Chuck had prepared, they marvelled that he had also been able to make the dragon move as if it was alive. Sadly, it wasn't Chuck's doing. The dragon was filled with egg-napping pigs!


This episodes includes 99 stars, 33 levels (including 3 bonus Facebook levels), 8 hidden pieces of mooncakes, including a special mooncake level when all mooncakes are found, 5 new "secret" achievements, paper art that costs 3,000 points, and many bug fixes.


  • Before the episode colors were removed in an update, the representative color they used in Mooncake Festival is violet (or purple).
  • Moon Festival was the second episode from Angry Birds Seasons to have official merchandise, with its Angry Birds Mooncakes. The first was Summer Pignic, then later by Ham'o'ween and Wreck the Halls.
  • This is the second episode in any game not to feature the King Pig, although he appeared in the picture at the end of level 2-15 and in the credits
  • The musical theme for Moon Festival is slightly altered to sound like Chinese music. (Example: Original theme (E minor) = E, F#, G, E, G, A, B, E. Moon Festival (A minor) = A, C, D, A, C, D, F, D)
  • Rovio published an online fourteen strip comic titled "Angry Birds Moon Festival"
  • This episode is the first to be leaked through achievements, the second being Wreck the Halls.
  • This is the first Chinese holiday in Angry Birds Seasons. The second one is Year of the Dragon.
  • With the Ham'o'ween update, the episode title was changed from Mooncake Festival to Moon Festival.
  • Along with Hogs and Kisses, Moon Festival is one of the first two Angry Birds Seasons episodes to have two different versions of the theme song, with the third being Year of the Dragon and the fourth being Piglantis. (Copy and paste these exact titles onto the search bar in YouTube to hear the differences between the two versions).
    • Theme 1: Angry Birds Seasons Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival 2011) (v2.0.0): This is the current version of the theme song of Moon Festival for the mobile version.
    • Theme 2: Angry Birds Seasons Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival 2011) (v2.1.0 Onwards): This is the PC version of the theme song for Moon Festival, which is longer and a slightly different than the mobile version.
  • Moon Festival is the final episode of the Seasons collection in Angry Birds Trilogy, as Ham'o'ween and subsequent levels are not included. However, the episodes of Seasons 2 are available in the Anger Management DLC pack for Angry Birds Trilogy when you purchase it.


  • Moon Festival in the season list
  • Angry Birds Seasons main title theme
  • King Pig in the credits
  • App icon.
  • Loading screen
  • Mooncake Festival World

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