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Naboo Invasion
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Angry Birds Star Wars II (only appearance)


The invasion of Naboo, starting the events of the game.

  • Naboo (Bird Side)
  • Pork Side's spaceship (Pork Side; levels 1-11)
  • Space (Pork Side; levels 12-20)
Playable characters
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  • Battle Droid (Bird Side)
  • Naboo Royal Guard Security Officer (Pork Side)
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Escape to Tatooine

Naboo Invasion is the first Chapter of Angry Birds Star Wars II. It takes place on Naboo in the Bird Side, and in outer space in the Pork Side. As with most other episodes in Angry Birds Star Wars II, Naboo Invasion is composed on twenty levels for each side, with a boss in the twentieth level.


Bird Side

In the Bird Side version of the Chapter, Naboo Invasion takes place in a peaceful region of Naboo during daytime. Palaces and waterfalls can be seen in the background.

Pork Side

The Pork Side version of Naboo Invasion takes place aboard the Pork Side's spaceship in the first eleven levels. From the twelfth level onwards, the Chapter takes place in outer space, with many artificial, gray-colored planetoids decorated with circuits, machines, antennas, and shiny red circles. In the background, many asteroids and Naboo can be seen.


Angry Birds Star Wars II

In Angry Birds Star Wars II, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi Wan Kenobi were fighting aboard the Pork Side's spaceship, though the large number of Battle Droids forced them to flee to Naboo, where they cleaned the troops of Battle Droids. Fortunately, Yoda came for help. Some time later, the trio managed to free Captain Panaka, Padmé Amidala and Jar Jar Binks. However, they were all forced to escape to outer space after the remaining Battle Droids attacked them.

Meanwhile, at the Pork Side's spaceship, Darth Sidious and Jango Fett saw the Bird Side escaping from Naboo to outer space, and they, alongside some Battle Droids, went to attack them. They managed to damage their ship enough to send the heroes to Tatooine. Darth Sidious was satisfied with this victory.


Bird Side

Being the very first Chapter of the game, the Bird Side version of Naboo Invasion is an easy, soft-paced Chapter. Most enemies are sheltered inside weak structures that can be taken down easily. In addition, catapults can be used to send objects flying away.

Pork Side

The first eleven levels of the Pork Side version of Naboo Invasion have similar gameplay to that from the Bird Side version of the Chapter. The player can also find magnets, which will attract metallic objects to them. Since level twelve however, the Chapter will take place in outer space, similar to Angry Birds Space. Some planetoids have gravitational fields to attract objects to their surface.


Bird Side

Pork Side


Bird Side

Main article: Naboo Invasion boss (Bird Side)

In the twentieth level of the Bird Side version of Naboo Invasion, the player will have to destroy an unnamed tank, which will slowly move left and right. The player can destroy it easily by throwing objects on it to damage it. In addition, the player will also have to kill all the other enemies in the level.

Pork Side

Main article: Naboo Invasion boss (Pork Side)

In the twentieth level of the Pork Side version of Naboo Invasion, the player will have to kill all the Naboo Royal Guard Security Officers defending the Bird Side's ship. Once the player kills all the enemies, they will complete the level.

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