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Naboo Invasion B1-20 is the 20th level of Naboo Invasion on the Bird Side in Angry Birds Star Wars II. The player is supplied with 2 Yoda, 1 Obi-Wan Kenobi, and 1 Qui-Gon Jinn to fend off 7 Droid Pigs, and the Naboo Invasion Bird Side boss.



  • You can get three stars using three birds, but make more damage to achieve it.
  • For each bird thrown in this level, the MTT moves closer to the three caged birds, running them over when the level is lost.
  • Always try to detonate the black TNT inside the main structure.
  • Try to hit the MTT with falling debris from the main structure or try to hit it with Yoda's lightsaber.

Character Swap[]

ABGO MechanicPig2
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Video Walkthrough[]


  • This is the first boss level of Angry Birds Star Wars II.
  • By reflecting a laser in this level with Yoda from a very specific angle, the Void Glitch can be triggered. In this level specifically, this gives an absurd amount of points, ranging from 50 to 900 million.