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Neiderflyer is the main antagonist and a recurring character within Angry Birds Summer Madness.

Biographical information[]


Neiderflyer is a tall bird with blue feathers around him, with both tail and head feathers colored in a blonde-ish color, swayed to the left.


Behind his facade of privilege and insufferable arrogance, Neiderflyer is actually a mean-spirited bully. Yeah, just steer clear of this one. Like calling some campers’ names that they don't even like. “Rod” is one of them which he uses to bully Red.[1] He likes to take advantage of other campers.

Media Appearances[]

Angry Birds: Summer Madness[]

Neiderflyer claimed a care package that was meant to be for the Hatchlings, and stole it from their cabin and throwing them inside Terence's cabin, much to Red and Stella's frustration. They, alongside Chuck and Bomb, plan to steal Terence's cabin to save the Hatchlings. When the cabin landed on Neiderflyer's, he was running away from Terence and was about to pound him. (Cabin Raid!) Neiderflyer gave Chuck the idea of injuring himself so he can get some candy. He later created the "Legend Maker" to shorten Chuck's life by a few seconds for his pleasure, but Chuck's friends went in there to protect him, somehow surviving. (Hospital Sweet)

Neiderflyer and camp counselor Matilda were judging cakes to figure out which one will be the best projectile against their rival camp, the Pig Camp. When Bomb's cake won, Neiderflyer went on a manhunt when Bomb refused to give up his cake and later he faces to Bomb in the west duel(The Big Bird Bake Off) When the new camper Penley came to Camp Splinterwood, Neiderflyer took advantage of him by making build a throne, remodel his cabin and make a water slit that leads directly into Red, Chuck, Bomb and Stella's cabin. In the end, they manage to change the course of the slide, and Neiderflyer's cabin was destroyed. (The New Pig)

When Bomb's explosions created editable fish-sticks, Red and Neiderflyer enjoyed them so much that they forgot why they hate each other in the first place, however their rivalry continued after Bomb's fish-ticks were covered in mucus. (Be Careful What You Fish For) One day on Medieval Weekend, he "won" and become the King and kept that record, until Stella overthrew him and became Queen for the rest of the weekend. (A Knight's Tailfeathers).

Neiderflyer later helped Penley, Red, Chuck, Bomb and Stella rescue Santa Pig from Lynette. (Pigmas).

Game appearances[]

Minecraft Angry Birds[]

Neiderflyer appears in the Angry Birds Minecraft DLC as a skin within the game, along with other Summer Madness original characters.



  • Robin (sister) [2]
  • Unnamed mother (mentioned)


  • Unnamed green bird
  • Unnamed lavender bird
  • Unnamed purple bird



Names in other languages[]

Language Name English translation
Finnish Liehusiipi



  • His name comes from the German word, "envier" (Neider), and "flyer".
  • His concept art reveals that he was originally going to resemble a Bluejay.



  1. Angry Birds Summer Madness: Meet Neiderflyer
  2. Angry Birds: Summer Madness, Episode 14: A-Hee-Haw

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