New Day

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Episode No. 14
Air Date October 9, 2015
Directed by Avgousta Zourelidi
Written by Bernice Vanderlaan
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Toons.TV Description

After last season's startling conclusion, Stella really missed Gale. The other birds (sensibly) don't feel the same way. Stella finds a friend who can understand her feelings, but this friendship might be more than she bargained for.



The episode begins at the rock pile from season one finale. Stella could be seen attempting to dig through the rock pile to find Gale; however, she realized that she has no chances of succeeding. Feeling exhausted from her futile efforts to once again save Gale, Stella took a break and caught a glimpse of a torn piece of Gale's cape. After removing it from where it was hanging, she once again mourned over her former friend. Exhausted from the day and overcome with sadness, she took the cloth with her and headed home. Suddenly, she heard what sounded like Gale's voice and looked up to see Gale in the distance. Thinking that Gale has survived the volcanic eruption, Stella was happy to see her. However, it was just a wooden outfit with a Minion Pig controlling it and the pig fell over, leaving Stella disappointed by this false hope. She examined the wooden replica of her friend and looked into it to it just to see an embarrassed pig. After successfully removing the replica from the pig's body, the Minion Pig then saw Gale's burnt cape and began to mourn. The mourning ends abruptly as he realized that he was hungry. Feeling sorry for him, Stella decided to take him to her treetop house so she could feed him.

In the next scene, Dahlia, Poppy and Luca could be seen posing for Willow's painting. Stella leaped past, greeting her friends, prompting them to acknowledge her. Not long after the greeting, the Minion Pig also greeted the flock, and they acknowledged him, but then realized that it was the Minion Pig that said it. Poppy and Dahlia immediately went to Stella to discourage her from helping the Minion Pig. Despite multiple attempts to convince Poppy and Dahlia to allow her to keep the Minion Pig, they were still unwilling to allow her to do so. Realizing that they were at a stalemate, Stella and the pig walk away in the other direction.

In the third scene, Stella and the Minion Pig were attempting to get past her friends like Ninjas. Soon, they ended up in her house where Stella could give the Minion Pig some food, in this case fruits. Then, someone was at her door, causing Stella to check; however, no one was there. Regardless of any visitor's presence, she decided to open the door anyway. Suddenly, two more Minion Pigs appeared. Stella, thinking of the hardships they faced, allowed the two Minion Pigs into her home. While the pigs chowed down on fruits, Stella made her way to bed, and before she went to sleep, she saw her guests sleeping. Feeling certain that they were safe and happy, Stella went to sleep. As Stella slept, more pigs entered into her home.

The following morning, when Willow, Poppy, Luca and Dahlia were preparing breakfast, Luca went to check on Stella. Meanwhile, Stella woke up to discover she was sleeping on top of the pile of newcomer pigs. Stella heard knocking on the door, which prompted her to check to see it was; Luca. Luca wanted her to join him and the rest of her friends for breakfast. Stella knew Luca would betray her if she just let him in immediately, so she hid all the minion pigs in which ever place possible. Soon, she left her treehouse, and just as the young fowl was inviting his friend, Luca then heard an oink. Stella imitated the noise and sent Luca out. Pleased that he was going away, Stella went back to her house only to discover that it was going to burst with the extra minion pigs entering the house. As expected, it did burst and sent Stella rolling down with the guests. Luca was also caught in the path of the pigs. At the bottom of the slide, Poppy, Dahlia and Willow felt some tremors and were horrified to discover that it was a huge Minion Pig group and they were all going to crash onto them. Stella and Luca had a good laugh, but the other birds were not seeing the funny side. The female birds argued and then left Stella. Luca, realizing Stella did something wrong in their perspective, joined the other female birds in cleaning the mess. Stella then discovered that Poppy was sweeping away the Minion Pigs. Angrily, she decided that she would take care of the Minion Pigs no matter what they would do. At the bottom of the tree, Stella told all the Minion Pigs to follow her.

The fourth scene shows Gale's castle. The door opened and soon, all the Minion Pigs in the castle were having fun. Stella realized this type of fun was life-threatening or completely silly and had to intercept to save them. Such activities included a Minion Pig sawing another Minion Pig in a barrel, another Minion Pig drilling through the ground with a jackhammer, a Minion Pig wearing a bucket on his head about to fall down the cliff, a Minion Pig putting on makeup on wrong parts of another Minion Pig's face, some Minion pigs trapped in a barrel, a Minion Pig hitting another Minion Pig's head with a hammer, and Handsome Pig crying over the loss of his beloved Gale. Stella was soon horrified and constantly held that expression even when she was trying to sleep in Gale's bedroom alongside the pigs. Annoyed, she abandoned her hammock and then looked out of the window to see the treetop where she lived and started to regret her latest choice of actions. Leaving the minion pigs alone, she set off for the treetop; however, she then realized that she was being followed by the pigs. She did not want them anymore, so she told them to stop following her. After yelling at the group and giving them the cold shoulder, she left to return to her home, resisting an urge to cry. The minion pigs were left with no one to take care of them. Suddenly, they heard a sound. It was revealed to be the horrible fate of Gale. She tried to speak, but her voice was weak.



  • Beginning with this episode, the second season intro is introduced, and CAKE Distribution starts distributing this series.
    • Since October 9th, 2015, the said intro plastered the first season intro in all Season One episodes.
    • It even revealed that Gale had survived after the Season 1 finale.

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