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Template:AngryBirdsToonsInfoboxNight of the Bling is the third episode of Season 2 of Angry Birds Stella and the sixteenth overall. It premiered on the Toons.TV app on October 23, 2015. This is the halloween special of Angry Birds Stella.

Toons.TV Description

A mysterious tribe of piggies is crashing the Halloween festivities on Golden Island. Their infectious grooves are causing everyone to walk on the pig side – even the birds. Someone's got to snap them out of it.


The episode starts off with a thunder sound with a flock of butterflies with snapping water lily plants with one butterfly heading in a straight direction passing Gale, Handsome Pig and Minion Pigs then another critter shows up heading towards a larger version of itself now passing willow trees then shows Luca with a small sack of treats calling the flock and then shows Willow, Stella, Poppy and Dahlia in various costumes. Luca pushes the flock towards a house then Luca presses a door bell, waiting for a response. The door opens then Luca asks for candy with a response of a growl with the flock watching from the side then the creature tosses a lollipop in Luca's candy sack and and closes the door. Luca stood still after being frightened by the creature then Stella moves him away from the door continuing their trick or treat night. The flock moves along happily until Luca stops and saw a mysterious area and then calls the flock and heads toward the area. The flock stood there and was unsure what the area was and what it was for. Luca was amazed in seeing the area that he runs towards the giant pig statue followed by the flock, frightened by the surroundings. Luca heads toward the statue and presses the door bell then hears an odd beat. The statue's eyes start to glow with green fire then suddenly, a tall speaker rises from where the flock stood, then the statue's mouth opens with a green light illuminating from within. A gang of minion pigs with golden accessories rise from the ground then, the light changes into pink with a a Shaman Pig spinning out of the statue and cackles. The minion pigs step aside then the Shaman Pig passes through then pointing a golden microphone wand at Dahlia. Dahlia gets her magnifying glass and examines the wand until the Shaman Pig pats the wand on her head. An oink was heard from Dahlia then Stella tries to confront Dahlia until Dahlia turns and reveals herself as a pig. The flock was shocked to see Dahlia as a pig, then the Shaman Pig commands every pig including Dahlia, to capture the flock then the flock flees with every pig following them with Dahlia bumping into a tree. The screen switches to Gale's Palace moving towards Gale and Handsome Pig and minion pigs dressed in a similar outfit to the Shaman Pig's minions. Gale stops and saw the flock running away then the Shaman Pig stops and turns to Gale with Gale questioning the Shaman Pig's appearance. The Shaman Pig cackles and proceeds to turning Gale's minion pigs into his minion pigs while Handsome Pig was watching. Gale orders her minions to capture Shaman Pig then Gale notices the minion pigs at his side and also notices no on carrying her throne causing her and Handsome Pig to fall. Shaman Pig waves his wand at Gale and Handsome Pig, then Gale runs away followed by Handsome Pig. Gale screams in terror followed by Handsome Pig doing the same then followed by Shaman Pig's cackle. Stella pops up and looks for the flock, worried, then Gale runs in the opposite direction, then Handsome Pig tries to find where Gale went only to bump into a pig then he recognizes Dahlia only as a pig with magnifying glass stuck in the nose then Dahlia uses her magnifying glass at Handsome Pig who's slowly moving away from her then bumping into Shaman Pig as he casts he spell on him turning into a pig with a cool style. He turns to Dahlia then she looks at Handsome Pig then falls in love. Stella watches from a rock and is disgusted in Dahlia and Handsome Pig together. She hears Luca's voice and notices him eating inside the candy sack with a lollipop stuck to his back. Stella pulls him out of the sack and sees one of Luca's eyes looking at her until she finds out that Luca was transformed into a pig as well then Luca offers the hairy lollipop and Stella screams, running away from Luca. Stella got away from Luca but then she notices two minion pigs coming her way, then she hides in a bush. The screen shows the minion pigs dancing with the beat along with Handsome Pig, Dahlia and Luca then Stella spots Willow being cornered by two minion pigs while Shaman Pig casts his spell on her. The hat covers her face then was later cast aside by Willow in a pig form. Stella was frightened after finding three of her best friends turned into pigs then Poppy was revealed hiding in a bush seeing everything, then Stella spots her and attempts to go to her while the pigs do not see her. Stella bumps into Poppy then Poppy screams and was stuffed with two drumsticks on her beak to stop her screaming. They both look at the tall speaker then Stella has an idea and tells Poppy what to do. Stella calls the attention of Shaman Pig and then he notices Stella on the statue, wondering what is she doing. Stella hops down then Shaman Pig starts to wave his wand at her then was stopped by hearing the call of Poppy from the top of the speaker. Poppy laughs in an evil way then Shaman pig was shocked to see her on top of the speaker until she destroy the speaker with her attack, causing a sound wave, putting the pigs to sleep. Stella was happy that the pigs were done then Poppy rises and spots the Shaman Pigs wand attempts to take it until Shaman Pig woke up and cast a spell on Poppy as well. A beat starts again in a faint way then the pigs woke up then Stella looks at the remains of the speaker then she saw Poppy as a pig making music with her drumsticks. Stella moves backwards slowly hears Gale's voice within the statue then she turns and spots Gale and was happy to see her not as a pig until she turned and oinked at her. Stella was shocked to find out that Gale too was transformed into a pig, moving away from Gale and later was covered by pigs until she was transformed into a pig then all the pigs party the entire night. The critters watch from the distance and left, then the scene moves to Stella dancing and jumping around until the screen blacked out.

Stella wakes up with the flock that it was a dream, Gale and her minions in a pool then she spots Handsome pig and Dahlia kissing him on his snout only until Handsome Pig woke and was shocked in seeing Dahlia kissing him then Dahlia wakes up from the shock, Gale wakes up and sees the two shocked until Handsome Pig left after being kissed by Dahlia then Dahlia left as well as they were both embarrassed to be seen kissing each other. Gale goes back to sleep after seeing Dahlia run away then Stella stares into the statue and hears the Shaman Pig's laughter; then the statue's eyes glowing with fire, thus ending the episode.

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  • The costumes of the Stella flock was Stella as a Ninja, Luca as a pig, Poppy as a drum set, Dahlia as a scientist, and Willow as a witch.
  • This is the second time Handsome Pig or Dahlia were in love. The first was Pig Power.
  • This was the first Toons.TV episode to have the entire flock of Angry Birds Stella (including Gale) to be transformed into pigs.
  • Shaman Pig's voice is by Antti Pääkkönen. This is the same actor that makes the voice of the Minions in Angry Birds Stella.
  • This is the second time in a Toons.TV episode that a bird is transformed to a pig. The first was Pig Plot Potion, which involved Chef Pig turning Red into a minion pig.
  • This is the first and only Angry Birds Stella Halloween Special.
  • This shows the return of the Zombie Pigs.