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Night of the Living Pork is the thirty-third episode of Angry Birds Toons.

The Zombie Pigs and Bubbles make their debut in this episode.

It was aired on October 27, 2013.


This episode is a reference to a black-and-white American independent horror film Night of the Living Dead and the episode's title card is also very familiar to the film.

Toons.TV Description[]

King Pig is attacked by zombies who want to eat...his huge pile of candy! He's helpless until Bubbles - the Orange Bird - comes trick or treating. Bubbles really can't bear the sight of zombies eating candy, so he must stop this right away.


On Halloween night, King Pig was alone in his castle, feasting on a large pile of candy. When a trick-or-treater came to his doorstep, he immediately shut the door and went back to his candy. A few seconds later, the same trick-or-treater knocked on the door again, but this time, to King Pig's dismay, he revealed himself to be a Zombie Pig. Multiple zombies came in and started eating the king's candy.

Outside, another trick-or-treater, Bubbles, came to the doorstep giggling. The zombies opened the door, and Bubbles, unafraid of them, asked for candy. Without hesitation, he hopped over to the large pile of candy and started filling his sack as King Pig, hiding under a drawer, watched on in anger. When he turned to leave, one Zombie Pig bit his sack and pulled. However, his teeth became dislodged from his mouth in the process, and Bubbles laughed at him. He turned around again, but was blocked by a horde of Zombie Pigs. Bubbles, however, was able to make short work out of them.

Bubbles threw a zombie through a window, and he landed in a graveyard. He rang a bell that was hanging over a well, and more Zombie Pigs came out of multiple graves via conveyor belts. King Pig, who had snuck a large amount of candy into a pull wagon, was making his way out of the castle when the huge wave of zombies approached. Bubbles, realizing he would be unable to take down the Zombie Pigs in the same way as before, inflated to shove all of the zombies out of the castle. The only pig who was still in the castle was King Pig, who began to cry when he discovered that his pull wagon had somehow been emptied out.

Bubbles felt bad for King Pig, and he granted him a single red gumball as he left the castle, which the king instantly ate. Unfortunately, the dislodged teeth of the zombie who had earlier bitten at Bubble's sack came up to the king and began to chase him as the episode ended.

Cast (in order of appearance)[]

Parodies and References[]

  • The Zombie Pigs pulling apart a piece of candy is a reference to the movie The Lost World.
  • Night of the Living Pork is a parody of Night of the Living Dead.



  • This is the eighth episode to have a Pig, Pigs, Pig's, Piggy, Piggies', or Pork name in the title card. Others include Pig Talent, Crash Test Piggies, Hypno Pigs, The Bird That Cried Pig, Green Pig Soup, Piggy Wig, and Pig Plot Potion.
  • This is the first Halloween-themed episode of Angry Birds Toons.
  • This is the first episode where pigs appear but none of them are minion pigs.
  • This is the first appearance of Bubbles in Toons.
    • It was also supposed to be the only appearance since Rovio previously stated on Twitter that he and Hal "aren't as fond of the cameras as the rest of the flock!". However, later Halloween episodes such as Sweets of Doom and Porcula featured Bubbles.[1][2]
  • This is King Pig's 4th appearance in a row.
  • This is the third time King Pig cried. The first was in Sneezy Does It, and the second was in Piggy Wig.
  • This is the 11th appearance of King Pig.
  • This is the second episode written by Anastasia Heinzl.
  • This episode is the first time a bird and a pig have a positive relationship.
  • In the Ham'o'ween trailer, King Pig and Bubbles turned out to be enemies. But in the episode, they somehow seem to be friends.
  • It's unknown why Bubbles wasn't in a costume. But in Trick or Tweet, the other birds do but didn't appear in this episode.
  • It may be possible that King Pig took his candy to the house in the graveyard to hide his candy, or so that nobody would trick-or-treat there.



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