Night of the Living Pork is the thirty-third episode of Angry Birds Toons.

The Zombie Pigs and Bubbles make their debut in this episode, it was aired on October 27, 2013

Toons.TV Description

King Pig is attacked by zombies who want to eat...his huge pile of candy! He's helpless until Bubbles - the Orange Bird - comes trick or treating. Bubbles really can't bear the sight of zombies eating candy, so he must stop this right away.


On a spooky night, at the spooky cemetery the King's Haunted Palace, King Pig is seen eating a huge pile of candy. He noticed that someone knocked on the door. He opened it, and he saw a pig wearing a mask trick-or-treating to him. He ignored, as he doesn't want to give him candies. Again, he opened the door when he heard someone knocked on it. He got angry with him, but suddenly, the pig removed the mask, and King Pig's afraid to him, it was a Zombie Pig! Then, the zombie pigs are coming to eat his huge pile of candy. King Pig was hiding under the desk, full of fears.

Bubbles came, which he also does trick-or-treating. He knocked on the door, and the zombie pigs opened the door. He said to them that he wants candies. He saw a huge pile of candy and passes over the zombie pigs. He stuffed his bag with candies, but King Pig noticed it. Bubbles brought his bag back to his hideout, but one of the zombie pigs pull his bag. Bubbles also tightly pulled his bag, like a tug of war. But the zombie pig's teeth were a false set of teeth. His teeth chase the zombie pig, and he ran away.

Bubbles laughed about it, but the zombie pigs blocked his way to his hideout. He then fights the zombie pigs. King Pig was amazed and proud of him. He hits some zombie pigs using a weighted ball connected to a chain. When he saw the zombie pig, he twists the lollipop around him and laughed. King Pig collects the lollipop directly. When he noticed and saw a zombie pig eating cotton candy, he swings him and lets him go through the palace window.

The Zombie Pig had an idea, he rings the bell from a well to wake up and walk out zombies from their death. Bubbles saw them, and shouted, while King Pig gathers some candies in his cart, and brings it. Bubbles inflated himself into a huge size like his powers in the game. The zombie pigs ran away, but they were being thrown, as well as the candies. King Pig also-ran. He hides behind the curtains, but he left the cart with candies in! Bubbles deflated himself and laughed at the zombie pigs.

Then King Pig saw that the cart was empty, and he cried for it. Bubbles felt sorry for King Pig and dropped him a gumball, which he eats. But then he saw the zombie pig's false set of teeth again, and it started chasing him around the palace, like the zombie pig last time.

Cast (in order of appearance)

Easter Eggs

  • The Zombie Pigs pulling apart a piece of candy is a reference to the movie The Lost World.



  • This is the eighth episode to have a Pig, Pigs, Pig's, Piggy, Piggies', or Pork name in the title card. Others include Pig Talent, Crash Test Piggies, Hypno Pigs, The Bird That Cried Pig, Green Pig Soup, Piggy Wig, and Pig Plot Potion.
  • This episode is a reference to a black-and-white American independent horror film Night of the Living Dead, and the episode's font is also similar to the movie.
  • This is the first Halloween-themed episode of Angry Birds Toons.
  • This is the first episode where a kind of pig appears, but the Minion Pigs do not.
  • This is the first appearance of Bubbles in Toons.
    • It was also supposed to be the only appearance since Rovio previously stated on Twitter that he and Hal "aren't as fond of the cameras as the rest of the flock!". However, later Halloween episodes such as Sweets of Doom and Porcula featured Bubbles.[1][2]
  • This is the fourth episode in a row to have an appearance of King Pig.
  • This is the third time King Pig cried. The first was in Sneezy Does It, and the second was in Piggy Wig.
  • This is the 11th appearance of King Pig.
  • This is the second episode written by Anastasia Heinzl.
  • This episode is the first time a bird and a pig have a positive relationship.
  • In the Ham'o'ween trailer, King Pig and Bubbles turned out to be enemies. But in the episode, they seem to be friends.
  • It's unknown why Bubbles wasn't in a costume. But in Trick or Tweet, the other birds do but didn't appear in this episode.
  • It may be possible that King Pig took his candy to the house in the graveyard to hide his candy, also probably that nobody would probably trick-or-treat there.


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Angry Birds Toons Night of the Living Pork - S1 Ep33 Halloween-0

Angry Birds Toons Night of the Living Pork - S1 Ep33 Halloween-0

They don't want your meat, not even your brain, they want YOUR CANDY.

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