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Nighty Night Terence is the twenty-ninth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on September 29, 2013.

Toons.TV Description

During the night the pigs try to grab the nest that's resting on a big boulder. But they soon find out that the boulder is actually Terence, who's fast asleep! Will they manage to get the eggs without waking the huge bird up?



The episode begins with Corporal Pig and his assistants, two Minion Pigs, stealing The Eggs again. this time, they are climbing up the cliff to the top where the Eggs are held. To steal them, Corporal pig tries to use a net to catch the eggs but they are out of reach.

One of the minion pigs brings an idea; vault up onto the structure to steal the eggs using a long pole. He tries to do it near the structure but accidentally hits Corporal Pig with the pole, who angrily orders him to do it further away. Once he does so, he charges at the structure and vaults up to get the eggs. However, they were still out of reach. Thinking that it might been just the first minion pig's fault and the fact that the second minion pig was laughing at the failed attempt, Corporal Pig orders him to vault instead. However, he also fails and the structure was soon moving from the double impact. It turnes up to face the pigs, revealing to be Terence waking up from his sleep. Corporal Pig realizes he and his assistants are in real trouble if Terence wakes up. In desperation, he sings a lullaby to put him back to sleep.

Corporal Pig then uses a second plan; shooting plungers to drag down the eggs. The first minion pig misfired, causing Corporal Pig to get mad at him and the second minion pig tries to remove the plunger, just for it to fail. The attempt to remove it awakens Terence again, forcing Corporal Pig to sing the lullaby again, but faster.

Afterwards, Corporal Pig takes the plunger gun and proceeds to aim accurately at the eggs but misses, causing the minion pigs to laugh at his failure. Enraged, he proceeds to fire many plungers which all fires onto Terence, but still misses, making the minion pigs laugh even more. Suddenly, he saw what he could do with the plungers; use them as a stairway for the eggs.

As Corporal Pig climbes the plunger stairway and is about to steal the eggs, Terence awakens and starts to roll down the cliff edge. This results in Corporal Pig avoiding all the stuck plungers in his failed attempt to get off Terence and holding onto the eggs, all the while singing a panickly lullaby to get Terence to sleep. When they reach the edge, the two minion pigs quickly block Terence from rolling off the cliff to ensure that Corporal Pig and the eggs don't end up falling. Despite that, Corporal Pig still ends up tripping and nearly falling off the cliff but saves himself by grabbing Terence's tail feathers with his teeth. The grabbing action awakens Terence fully. Corporal Pig sings an anguished but proper lullaby in the process of making Terence rock back-and-forth and crushing the minion pigs for each motion.  As he goes back to sleep, Terence opens his eyes for the last time and winks at the viewers, letting them know he was aware the whole time.

As the credits roll, Corporal Pig continues to sing a lullaby to Terence while he was crying.



  • At 1:12, the spot where the plunger was stuck at disappeared from Terence.
  • At 1:52, the nest for the eggs disappeared.


  • This is the second episode to have Terence's name in the title card. First was Gardening With Terence.
  • Corporal Pig sings Braham's Lullaby in an effort to lull Terrence to sleep.
  • This is the first episode written by Anastasia Heinzl.
  • The font style in the title card was the 4th similar font style but it is in color white. The 1st was Sneezy Does It, the 2nd was Hog Roast, and the 3rd was The Bird That Cried Pig.
  • This is the fourth episode the whole episode itself takes place at night. First was Pig Talent, second was Thunder Chuck and third was Hamshank Redemption.
  • This episode shows that Terence sleeps with his face on the ground, probably in order to fool threats to the eggs.
  • According to this episode and previous ones including Terence, there seems to be a running gag where Terence smirks or smiles at the ending of the episode.
    • By this, Terence breaks the 4th wall once again by winking towards the screen in the end of the episode.
  • Since Terence can't hear the pigs because of sleep unconsciousness, after the second pig tries to javelin, he opens his eyes and sees the pigs trying to steal the eggs. And at the end of this episode, it shows that Terence knew this the whole time.
  • This is the first episode for Terence to open his mouth.
  • The pigs used the legendary set Artillery Strike from Angry Birds Epic to shoot and try to get the eggs.
  • This is one of the episodes where Corporal Pig cried.
  • There is similaritie between this episode and The previous episode, Catch of the Day, they both feature Corporal Pig, 2 minion Pigs and Terence and them failing to get them because of them.


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