Nighty Night Terence is the twenty-ninth episode of Angry Birds Toons

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During the night the pigs try to grab the nest that's resting on a big boulder. But they soon find out that the boulder is actually Terence, who's fast asleep! Will they manage to get the eggs without waking the huge bird up?


At night, there was a tall cliff where Terence is asleep. Corporal Pig and his Minion Pigs climbed the cliff using a grappling hook. They saw The Eggs, but on top of Terence. Corporal Pig holds a net immediately to catch the eggs, but he can't reach them because they are on top of Terence.

Then, a minion pig got a long pole, but he accidentally hit Corporal Pig., He got angry and forced the minion pig to get the eggs. The minion pig goes farther from Terence to be readily reached and captured the eggs on top of him. He started to swing on it, hits to Terence and missed the eggs, and felt dizzy. The other minion pig laughed of what he saw, then Corporal Pig orders him to get the eggs.

The other pig tried to swing also using a pole, but still missed the eggs and hits Terence. And just like the other pig, he also felt dizzy. The cliff's ground is shaking, a sign that Terence will awake from disturbing him. Terence opened his one eye a little bit. Corporal Pig had nothing to do with Terence but to sing him a lullaby to make him fall back asleep.

It worked, and they continue to do their work in stealing the eggs. The minion pig got a plunger gun and fired it inaccurately, and the other pig hardly pulled it that sticks to Terence, but he can't. Terence awakened again from disturbing him, His other eye opened a little bit. Corporal Pig sang him again a lullaby faster than before, and he fell asleep again.

Corporal Pig gets a plunger gun and tried to be more accurate and powerful. He started to fire it but missed the eggs, and it sticks to Terence again, as the Minion Pigs laughed to him. Then, a minion pig grabbed a bunch of plungers for Corporal Pig, and he fired it one by one until it is empty, but still missed the eggs and shoots all the plungers at Terence. Still, the minion pigs laughed and the Corporal Pig got angry. Suddenly, he had an idea.

The plungers that stuck to Terence will be stepped one by one to reach through the eggs, but Terence started rolled onto the cliff while he's asleep. Then he wakes up. The Corporal Pig holds the eggs tightly with balance, avoided being stick with plunger guns and sang a lullaby to Terence. When Terence continuously rolled onto the cliff, the plunger guns that stick to Terence are released and removed. The Minion Pigs avoided being stuck with the plunger guns. At the edge of the cliff, the other minion pig blocked Terence to avoid him falling off the cliff because Corporal Pig was on top of him holding the eggs. Corporal Pig tripped and almost fell off the cliff, but he held firmly with his teeth to Terence's tail.

Terence started to roll from left to right, vice versa, with the two minion pigs crushed by Terence. Corporal Pig sang him a lullaby properly. He yawned and slept. He opened his eyes again and winked to the viewers. 

As the credit shows, Corporal Pig continued to sang a lullaby to Terence while he's crying.

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  • This is the fifth appearance of Terence in Toons.
  • This episode is a reference to a comedy movie Nighty Night.
  • This is the second episode to have Terence's name in the title card. First was Gardening With Terence.
  • This is the first episode written by Anastasia Heinzl.
  • This is the third time Minion Pigs laughed at Corporal Pig. First was Dopeys On A Rope and second was Catch Of The Day.
  • The font style in the title card was the 4th similar font style but it is in color white. The 1st was Sneezy Does It, the 2nd was Hog Roast, and the 3rd was The Bird That Cried Pig.
  • This is the fourth episode the whole episode itself takes place at night. First was Pig Talent, second was Thunder Chuck and third was Hamshank Redemption.
  • This episode shows that Terence sleeps on his face. According to this episode and previous ones including Terence, there seems to be a running gag where Terence smirks or smiles at the ending of the episode.
  • In the title card, Terence seems to be bigger on the cliff and when he slept, he didn't hide his face.
  • Running Gag: When Corporal Pig sings a lullaby, Terence will fall in a sound sleep.
  • Since Terence is deaf, after the second pig tries to javelin, he opens his eyes & sees the pigs trying to steal the eggs. And at the end of this episode, it shows that Terence knew this the whole time.
  • This is the first episode for Terence to open his mouth.
  • Corporal Pig says " Come on! " when the Minion Pig fails to shoot a plunger at one of the eggs. This is the first time Corporal Pig cries.
  • The pigs used the legendary set Artillery Strike from Angry Birds Epic to shoot and try to get the eggs.
  • Terence must've broke the 4th wall by winking at us in the end of the episode.



  • When the pig first shots a plunger, it hit a spot on Terence, but later when Terence woke up, there is no longer a spot there.
  • When Terence rolled to the edge of the cliff, the nest disappeared.
    • The nest also wasn't there in the title card.


Nighty Night Terence

Nighty Night Terence

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