Not Without my Helmet is the fourteenth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the sixty-sixth overall.

This episode was aired on January 18, 2015.

Toons.TV Description

Some of us wear many hats every day. For Corporal Pig, it's just the one. Hog of war. Destroyer of birds. But what's left when you strip away his defining accessory?



Corporal Pig and three Minion Pigs were running away with the eggs from Bomb and Jay, Jake, and Jim. Bomb then exploded, causing Corporal Pig's helmet to fall off from his head. When he ordered the minion pigs to take the eggs, they instead laughed at his bald head and unusual crack. Corporal Pig then wondered why and realized his helmet was guarded by the birds, causing him to lose hope.

Back in Pig City, Corporal Pig entered King Pig's palace, where King Pig was eating his meal. When he and his guards saw Corporal pig without his helmet, they laughed and had him kicked out of the castle, where more Minion Pigs saw Corporal Pig without his helmet and laughed at him.

Nighttime came and as Corporal Pig walked back to his house in the rain, he came across a party. The party's host opened the door but when he saw Corporal Pig, he was disgusted by him and slammed the door on him. Corporal Pig sensed this rejection heavily and feeling depressed, went back to his house.

In his house, Corporal Pig was getting wasted on chocolate and fell asleep in but suddenly heard his own voice somewhere. Alarmed, he turned to the voice's direction and saw himself with his helmet in a mirror. His reflection was ordering him to attack the birds and get back his helmet. Corporal Pig then agreed with the plan and in the morning, he went to where the birds were, slamming the city gates into the two pig guards sleeping in front of it.

Determined to get back his helmet, Corporal Pig met up with Jay, Jake, and Jim, who were guarding it. The birds tried stopping him from advancing but they were too slow, crashing into a nearby bush. They watched in horror as Corporal pig took the nest but left the eggs alone, leaving them confused. Corporal Pig, now pleased with being back to his former glory, walked all the way back to Pig City, much to the dismay of Red, Matilda, and Bomb, who all joined to see Corporal Pig just walking away without thinking of taking the eggs.

Corporal Pig, now with his helmet, was giving orders at a training camp. As the minion pigs jumped through tries, he chuckled to himself.

In the credits, the satisfied Corporal Pig can be heard drilling some minion pigs.



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