Off Duty is the tenth episode of Angry Birds Toons.

Bomb makes his first appearance in this episode. It was aired on May 19, 2013.

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While Red's away, the other birds think it's their chance to play...



The episode starts with Red guarding the Eggs regardless of the weather condition. However, that caused him to internally stress out, resulting in Matilda to send him off for a vacation and putting Chuck, Jay, Jake, Jim, and Bomb in charge of guarding the Eggs. Red did not want to leave, especially since they were distracted by their own activities, causing Red to know that they would be horrible guards for the Eggs. He then left but every few steps he looked back at them to see them distracted, causing him to scream at them.

While on holiday, Red cannot stop thinking of the eggs (since the camera showed the scenery being replaced by eggs). Meanwhile back home, the Pigs pulled a surprise attack from above, defeating the guards and stealing the eggs. Once Red's paranoia reached its maximum level (even without the camera, the Sun was an Egg), Red returned home to see the other birds injured and the eggs missing.

Red quickly ran off to the Pigs' fortress, demolished it, and returned with the unharmed eggs. Though the day was won, Red scolded the injured birds for their poor guard behavior, but quickly forgiven them and decided that they should go on a holiday too. Later, Bomb, Chuck and the Blues were playing on the beach while Red was relaxing with the eggs.



  • From 0:32 to 0:54, every time Bomb looks away from the Eggs, his eyebrows changed from red to black.
  • At 0:31, an ice cream was in Bomb's mouth. However, at 0:33, the ice cream disappeared. It also came back somehow in 0:44 on one of the Blues' heads.
  • On the DVD version, when Matilda told the other birds to guard the eggs, the camera disappears.


  • Unlike the past 2 episodes, the credits say Minion Pig although there were more pigs.
  • When Red was seeing eggs everywhere, he thought the sun was an egg. This could be a reference to the original Angry Birds game, as if (now the golden egg is now located on the lamp of the small pig's mining helmet in Mine and Dine's level selection screen) you touch the sun on the level selection screen, you get a Golden Egg.
  • This is the first time that all the first five flock members have an appearance together.
  • This is the last episode to have the original theme song until Fired Up!, as Slingshot 101 has the re-orchestrated theme.
  • Off Duty of a pun on Call of duty.


Angry Birds Toons Off Duty - S1 Ep10

Angry Birds Toons Off Duty - S1 Ep10

When Red's gone, the birds will play...

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