"Don't flock with the law if you can't do the time. YEEAAAAHHHHH!"

From Angry Birds Action!

Officer Bill Beakins
Officer Bill Beakins
Abilities Sound effects
First Appearance The Angry Birds Movie
Gender Male
Species Sparrow (Passer)
Locations Bird Island
Strength unknown
Size Medium


Officer Bill Beakins is a policeman that appeared in the The Angry Birds Movie and Angry Birds Action!. He was voiced through sound effects by Craig Berkey.



He is a brownish white bird, a bit fat, tall, and has a dark brown separated mustache on his yellow sharp beak, and black legs. He also wears a police badge with Mighty Eagle on it, a brownish black helmet with a blue mark with the word "POLICE" on it, and a black utility belt.


He was seen writing the list of offences in his book for Chuck made,

  • Dashing off even though he was still writing.
  • Destroying a police office after receiving a speeding ticket.
  • Dripping a white substance, (proven to be ice cream). He sheepishly admitted that it might not be (it might be bird-droppings).

Chuck received another speeding ticket when the Porkchop Express landed on Bird Island.

He seems to speak only Beep Beep, referencing the sound of a police siren.


  • A similar bird named Murphy appears in Angry Birds Evolution, but he is fatter and blue and has a different helmet, badge, beak, eyes and mustache.
  • The way he  gives speeding tickets and wears a police helmet references police bikers.


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