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"Don't flock with the law if you can't do the time. YEEAAAAHHHHH!"

From Angry Birds Action!

Officer Bill Beakins is a policeman that appeared in The Angry Birds Movie, its sequel, and Angry Birds Action!. He was voiced through sound effects by Craig Berkey.



He is a brownish white bird, a bit fat, tall, and has a dark brown separated mustache on his yellow sharp beak, and black legs. He also wears a police badge with Mighty Eagle on it, a brownish-black helmet with a blue mark with the word "POLICE" on it, and a black utility belt.


He was seen writing the list of offenses in his book for Chuck made,

  • Dashing off even though he was still writing.
  • Destroying a police office after receiving a speeding ticket.
  • Dripping a white substance, (proven to be ice cream). He sheepishly admitted that it might not be (it might be bird-droppings).

Chuck received another speeding ticket when the Porkchop Express landed on Bird Island.

He seems to speak only Beep Beep, referencing the sound of a police siren.


  • A similar bird named Murphy appears in Angry Birds Evolution, but he is fatter and blue and has a different helmet, badge, beak, eyes, and mustache.
  • The way he gives speeding tickets, says beep beep and wears a police helmet references police bikers.


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