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Oh Gnome! is the fourty-seventh episode of Angry Birds Toons.

This episode was aired on February 2, 2014.

Name Origin

The episode title is a portmanteau of an expression, "Oh No!", and "Gnome", one of the focal points of the episode.

Toons.TV Description

Chuck offers a gnome to Matilda as a present. Unfortunately, it looks really scary to her and she tries to get rid of it without Chuck seeing.

Youtube Description

Chuck wants to surprise Matilda with a little present. It's a garden gnome that Matilda finds terribly ugly. She tries her best to discreetly get rid of the present, but it seems harder than expected.



Chuck was walking on the beach when an open crate caught his eye. He took another look at the content and was pleasantly surprised to see a gnome. He later gave it as a present to Matilda who gleefully opened to only be greeted by the nasty-looking gnome making a horrible noise. Chuck hummed to the tune and wondered if Matilda liked his gift. Matilda, knowing that showing her disgust at the gnome would make Chuck upset, she bottled it inside her until he left the area.

Later on, Matilda was working on her garden but the gnome's sound was bothering her too much. She tried mediating but the noise broke that. Frustrated, she threw the gnome into a nearby pond. Unfortunately for Matilda, Chuck happened to walk past by. He heard a splash and saw in horror at the wet gnome, thinking Matilda hated his gift. Thinking quick, she took out some soap and proceeded to clean the gnome. Chuck decided that was completely fine. However, some flowers in the pond died from the soap, leaving Matilda in shock.

As Matilda worked on the garden, the gnome noises made her exhausted. She looked around to make sure Chuck was not nearby but attaching a shaken soda bottle to launch the gnome away. Sadly for Matilda, Chuck entered and wondered what happened to the gnome. Matilda quickly feigned being worried about where the gnome went and searched for it. When the search turned up nothing, Chuck comforted Matilda and left feeling down. Miraculously, the gnome launched itself onto the slingshot before hitting Matilda hard on the back of her head, causing her to get dizzy. Chuck then turned around when he heard the noise and was pleased that the gnome was back with Matilda.

Once again as Matilda was digging holes in her garden, the gnome noises irritated her to the point where she threw a rock to destroy the gnome, although it was still standing albeit damaged. Chuck then showed up and saw the stone rubbles and an angry Matilda at the top. Confused, he wondered why would Matilda do that. Quickly remedying the situation, she gathered the stone rubbles and made it into a shrine for the gnome. She then attached some lights to it. The light then caught fire and burnt the gnome into ash. Chuck was horrified while Matilda was pleased but when Chuck saw her expression, she quickly cried over the loss of the gnome. Chuck then had an idea. He went off while Matilda quickly breathed a sigh of relief. As she went back to work, she heard a gnome sound imitation. Turned out Chuck decided to become the gnome.

In the credits, Chuck could still be heard humming the tune.



  • At 2:22, the bump is not present.


  • This is the first time a human-like figure appears in Angry Birds Toons. The second was in Super Bomb! in Bomb's superhero magazine.
  • This is the first time a gnome appeared in Angry Birds Toons.
  • In this episode, Chuck's voice is more high-pitched.
  • It was announced at Foxtel's TV Guide.
  • This is the first episode that Toon City is back to animating the final seven Angry Birds Toons episodes for the season.
  • Chuck says "wow!" in this episode, when he sees the gnome.
  • This was #8 on Top 20 Angry Birds Toons Fan Favorites.
  • The first idea of this episode is a battle between the Flock and the pigs' robot army. But it was all changed into a scary gnome.
  • The gnome returns in Fix It! when nails rain down.



Angry Birds Toons - Oh Gnome! - S1 Ep47

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