Old Nesting Barrows - 4 is the fourth level of Old Nesting Barrows in Angry Birds Epic. It is a normal stage. When this level is finished, the player may spin for 1 Treasure. (Seashells if replaying) The Sword Spirit is found here. He is Red wearing the Avenger class but with the attack set of a Knight. He also has a special skill where no potions are allowed and has the Dragon Breath Set.

Also, clearing this stage will unlock access to the Mighty Eagle's Dojo class upgrade shop.

Battle Hint

Key in "Hint Variable=" followed by either "Common Pigs", "Knights", "Pirates", "Pirates", "Wildlings", "Undead", "Ninjas", or "Special Enemy" to see the outcome.


Note: Cutscene plays after clearing Old Nesting Barrows - 4.

The birds managed to retrieve the Mighty Sword. They report back to Mighty Eagle about the successful attempt. Mighty Eagle then tells them to give him back the sword by putting the sword inside his nest. Red then cried as he had to say goodbye to the weapon but willingly did what the eagle ordered him to. The sword then disappeared and the flock realized that they have now unlocked the Mighty Eagle's Dojo.


Sword Spirit Sword Spirit

ABEpicHP (Transparent) 115000


Angry Bird

Charge: 3 turns. Deals 5000 damage.



Receives 55% less damage for 3 turns.


Duel of Honor

Passive: Potions can't be used in the battle.


If possible, attempt this stage when you are at a higher level and/or bring along the Golden Rage Chili. Only one bird can be picked for this battle. The following classes are effective at taking down the Sword Spirit:

  • Druid (thorny vine effect will ignore the Fortify skill and she has high healing capability)
  • Princess (Matilda will have one of the highest healing capability, allowing her to recover large amount of health lost)
  • Bard (if the Sword Spirit gets stunned, Matilda will be able to do a free strike on him)
  • Priest (as long as she attacks Sword Spirit all the time, she will be able to recover most of her health back)
  • Capt'n (instantly removes the Fortify skill and is able to do a lot of damage on the Sword Spirit, especially if he uses Whip Up!)
  • Tricksters (instantly removes the Fortify skill)
  • Rogues (poison effect ignores Fortify skill)
  • Marksmen (harmful effect of Marksmen ignores Fortify skill)
  • Skulkers (will be able to inflict more damage with an already high base damage)
  • Treasure Hunters (there is a chance to delay the attack of Sword Spirit)

If you are playing as Matilda wearing the Druid class or the Princess class and the Sword Spirit attacked you, try healing yourself to get back some health before attacking Sword Spirit again.

For the other classes, just attack continuously to defeat Sword Spirit.


Angry Birds Epic Old Nesting Barrows Level 4 Walkthrough

Angry Birds Epic Old Nesting Barrows Level 4 Walkthrough


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