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Template:Infobox episode 2 On Finn Ice is the twentieth episode of Angry Birds Seasons and is the third and final episode of Season 2014. It was released on December 2014 and is the fifth Christmas-themed episode (Finnish version)

A new Bird, known as Tony appears here. The King Pig also appears in levels prior to the final level of the episode, an otherwise rare sight in Angry Birds.

Golden Eggs

  1. Get three stars on all levels.
  2. Located in Level 1-2. It is inside the leftmost snow pile. Destroy the snow pile and you will receive the Golden Egg.
  3. Located in Level 1-25. It is inside the stack of presents on the top of the middle tower.


The cutscene shows when the player completes level 1-25.

It shows Terence and Tony watching a Aurora Borealis on the sky.




Angry Birds Seasons On Finn Ice – Terence flies north for the holidays!


  • This is the first episode in the Angry Birds history where the episode's location is in Finland, where Rovio Entertainment is located.
  • It is also the first episode to use the modern art style from Angry Birds Toons on the level select screen.
  • The title is a portmanteau on "Finland" and the phrase 'On Thin Ice'.
  • This is the 5th winter themed episode of Angry Birds Seasons.
  • This is also the sixth episode having levels unlocked by an advent-calendar and the second advent-calendar episode to include a purchase that enables you to unlock all the levels in the episode.
  • The theme tune is performed by the Finnish cello rock band 'Apocalyptica'.
  • The update rearranged some episodes in different seasons.
  • This is the second Angry Birds Game to have another character other than Red on the icon. The first is Angry Birds Star Wars II. Stella and Bad Piggies are spin-offs, so they do not count.
  • This is the first episode in Seasons to switch between three different backgrounds: Morning (Levels 1 to 10), Afternoon (11 to 16) and Night (17 to 25).