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On The Other Side is the first episode of Angry Birds on The Run. It premiered on the Angry Birds YouTube Channel on November 17, 2018.


Red, Chuck, and Bomb are accidentally transported to the human word and life suddenly becomes quite challenging for these three Angry Birds. Will they manage to overcome their first challenge?


A group of human girls are shown running to catch their bus. However, one of them accidentally drops her phone, which is shown playing a familiar game. Sure enough, Red, Chuck and Bomb are launched out of it, into the real world; meanwhile, the kid returns to pick up her phone and catches up with the other two. Red slowly gets up and comes round, wondering where he is, but he soon hears Bomb calling to him, on the other side of the street they are on. While Red finds things horrific, Bomb says they're awesome. But he admits things are of course, huge, and is feeling scared. Red tries to call out to him from the other side, but Bomb can't quite hear him, because of the traffic. As a result, Red tries to cross the street, but is startled when an oncoming car nearly clips his beak. He decides to come up with another plan--he rummages through a nearby garbage bag, and finds materials to build a rudimentary slingshot, while Bomb watches in amazement. Red locks and loads himself, trying to go big, but it goes poorly. Red is utterly confused as to what's going on, but soon Chuck arrives beside Bomb, telling Red that he should use the crosswalk next time. As it turns out, they teleport themselves back across, next to an annoyed Red. He asks why they didn't step in, but to his chargin, Bomb admits that they didn't want to "micromanage" the situation, making Red realise that Bomb knew where Chuck was. Nonetheless, Red says they'll keep moving (after hearing Chuck's compliment). Soon they are on the move, with Bomb singing a little song, which Red finds irritating, but which Chuck likes. Unbeknownst to them however, they are being watched by a mysterious stranger, through binoculars.



On The Other Side/Transcript



  • This was the first live-action Angry Birds episode.
  • The game that Red, Chuck, and Bomb came out from is Angry Birds 2.
  • This episode was re-released on December 8, 2018, in "Compilation Part One - Ep1-5".
  • When Red was about to sling himself, Bomb randomly blurts out "Shine on you, crazy diamond", which is a reference to a Pink Floyd song of the same name.



Angry Birds on The Run - On The Other Side - S1 Ep1

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