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Mechanic Pig
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  • [Camera shows a group of girls, including The Girl running to their bus stop in the city]
  • [The Girl drops her phone, and Red, Chuck, and Bomb fly out of it]
  • [The Girl realizes that her phone is missing and comes back to get it]
  • The Girl: Oh, there it is! Wait for me!
  • Opening title sequence.
  • [Camera cuts to Red]
  • Red: What? What happened? Where the...?
  • Bomb (across the street): Red.
  • Red: What's this now...
  • Bomb: Red! Over here!
  • Red: Bomb? Is that you?
  • Bomb: Sure is.
  • Red: This... this... this is...
  • Bomb: I know, man.
  • Red: This is absolutely horrific!
  • Bomb (overlapping with Red): ...totally awesome.
  • Red: Wait, what? Have you lost your tiny mind?
  • Bomb: No, man. Everything's... huge. I'm scared.
  • Red: Okay, okay. Is there anybody else here?
  • Bomb: Huh? Your brother has a cauliflower ear?
  • Red: Oh, for... Look. Let me come over to you and then we don't have to shout.
  • Bomb: You want to go fishing in stew and catch some trout?
  • Red: What?! That's not even... Just stay there! Can't see this being a problem.
  • [Red steps into the street, at the same time that a car goes by]
  • Red: Whoa! What was that? Just about took my dang beak off. Right. Time for plan B, I guess. Bomb, stay where you are. I'm about to do what I do best.
  • Bomb: Oh boy!
  • [Red digs into a trash bag, and builds a rudimentary slingshot]
  • [Red gets into the slingshot, ready to launch]
  • Red: Here I go!
  • Bomb: Shine on, you crazy diamond.
  • [Camera cuts rapidly between Red and Bomb several times]
  • Bomb: Come on man, just do it already.
  • [Slingshot breaks]
  • Red: What is going on here? What is this place? Am I being punished for something?
  • [Chuck walks in next to Bomb]
  • Chuck: Don't worry, buddy. It was a good attempt. Just use the crosswalk next time, though. It's way quicker. See?
  • [Bomb climbs on top of Chuck, they vanish]
  • [Bomb and Chuck appear again, standing alongside Red]
  • [Bomb falls]
  • Bomb: Down I go.
  • Chuck: So, how's it goin'?
  • Red: So, you were watching me, this entire time.
  • Chuck: Oh, yeah.
  • Red: And you didn't, at any point, think it might be worth, I don't know, stepping in?
  • Bomb: Whoa buddy, we didn't wanna micromanage the situation.
  • Red: Wait, y-you mean you knew he was here the whole time?!
  • Chuck: Yep.
  • Bomb: No.
  • Red: (sigh) Forget it. We've got bigger fish to fry. Anything else you wanna tell me before we get movin'?
  • Chuck: "You're a great guy and I like you're style"?
  • Red: That's not what... C'mon. Let's have a look around and see what we can figure out.
  • [fade out]
  • Meanwhile...