Operation Opera is the fiftieth episode of Angry Birds Toons


One day, Matilda is guarding the eggs and singing to a rose. While she is doing this, Foreman Pig watches her and hatches a plan to steal the eggs. Matilda then hears someone singing along with her, and she sees that it is a (dummy) male white bird. However, inside the bird is Tenor Pig with sheet music who is doing the singing and Foreman Pig operating the bird's mouth so it can speak. Matilda is awed and sings along with the opera bird, and it is the perfect opportunity for three pigs hiding behind a bush to make their move and steal the eggs.

After a while, the opera bird leaves and Matilda goes back to the nest, forcing the pigs to hide behind the bush again. Then, the opera bird comes back and whisks Matilda into the fields. While there, they continue to sing and spin around in circles. They spin and dig up a donut-shaped hole. Again, Matilda returns to the nest and the opera bird leaves.

Later, the opera bird arrives again and takes Matilda to the top of a fake tower. There is a pig orchestra behind the tower, and some pigs are dressed as trees and two do a romantic dance. The opera bird sings a beautiful love song for Matilda and the orchestra plays along with him. By this time, tenor pig has sung such a long time that he passed out. This leaves Foreman Pig to do the singing, and his voice is deeper (and even worse) than Tenor pig. As a result, the opera bird's voice changes, and Matilda knows that the ''bird'' is actually a dummy. The three net pigs with the nets gave up. She goes back to the nest area and destroys the opera bird, revealing Tenor pig and Foreman Pig. Just when Matilda is about to attack, she has an idea.

She makes Tenor pig sing and Foreman Pig dress up as a Viking lady and sing along. Matilda watches along with the three pigs who were trying to steal the eggs.

Toons.TV Description

Matilda meets a handsome Pavarotti-type bird and is entranced by his singing and dancing. But she doesn't know it's a false bird, and in fact the minions are hiding inside! Will Matilda realize what's going on before the other pigs get to the eggs?




  • This is the 18th appearance of Matilda, 7th appearance of Foreman Pig, and 41st appearance of the Minion Pigs.
  • This is the first time Foreman Pig tries to steal the eggs himself.
  • This is also the first time Foreman Pig cried.
  • There is also a My Talking Tom episode titled "Operation Opera".
  • Throughout this episode, the song "Meine Lippen, sie küssen so heiß" from the opera "Giudutta" is performed.
  • This is a milestone episode. This is the 50th episode of Angry Birds Toons.


Angry Birds Toons Operation Opera - S1 Ep50

Angry Birds Toons Operation Opera - S1 Ep50

La, la, laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. *Cough*.

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