And now, we've come to the prestigious Palm District, where birds of all feathers flock together for eight kinds of fruit and nut trees.

Palm District is an area on Bird Island.


Palm District is a lush area of Bird Island where palm trees thrive with tasty fruits and nuts for Birds to eat.


After the Pigs arrived on Birds Island, Red, Chuck, Bomb and Terrence came to Palm District one day under Matilda's direction for a session of "Paint Your Pain", part of the anger management curriculum that they are required to take as part of their sentence for their criminal, angry behavior.


The Pigs at Palm District during Stella's tour of the island.

During the session, Stella happened to be nearby, leading a tour of the island for a group Pigs, which included Leonard, Photog and Earl. It is where Leonard first notices an Egg and begins having fantasies about what he could do with it, such as having a picnic, hugging it and jumping in front of a rainbow, rolling in grass and watching clouds, which a large heart-shaped cloud devours a smaller cloud, eventually foreshadowing the Pigs' plot to steal the Birds' eggs.

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