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Icon Loot Egg Basic Common.png Color BigLoot Currency EvoMaterial Black.png Black
ABEVolution 1 Star Normal.png Stars 1 (☆)
Angry Birds Evolution.png Type Strong
Icon Attribute Set.png Set Flocksburg Eagles
Battle Stats
Super Shot
Icon FlockerSkill Black.png
Power Name Cheering Bomb
Leader Bonus Cheerleader Attraction
Gender Female
Possible Species Great curassow (Crax Rubra)

Pam is a bird in Angry Birds Evolution that can be obtained regularly in the hatchery.


Pam really brings home the bacon.. both on and off the field!

Renowned for: her totter tackle



She is a regular boomerang-shaped black bird with small wings, black medium tail with feathers, small curved yellow beak, black large hair with darker tips, two large eyes with brown irises, large eyelashes and small eyebrows.

She wears a red bow in her hair.


She now wears a cheerleader uniform that is mostly light green and white in the middle, there is a small star sticker on the cheek and two another on the right of the uniform.


She was more faithful to her strong personality. She was a black strong bird with a enlongated head with an orange beak with a long top part and larger jaw that has lapstick, small almost closed eyes with gray eyelids and more brownish irises, black long feather hair with dark tips and long strong wings.

She wore a white Flocksburg Eagles uniform with dark blue shoulders and side parts and the Flocksburg Eagles Skull Emblem on the right.


She is now angry and showing teeth with one missing. She now wears a black quarterback helmet with a large yellow stripe and the Flocksburg Eagles Skull Emblem, shoulder protectors and a banner with the number ''33'' on it.


Cheering Bomb Rank 1

Cause an explosion, dealing 48 damage to any enemy in range. Collect 2 or more Power Ups to detonate a smart bomb for 100 damage at the end of the turn.

Cheering Bomb Rank 1 (Evolution)

Cause an explosion, dealing 63 damage to any enemy in range. Collect 2 or more Power Ups to detonate a smart bomb for 100 damage at the end of the turn.

Leader Skill

Cheerleader Attraction

Attract cheerleaders to the battle to support the team. Additionally, spectators are more likely to drop Power Ups the more set birds are present.

Bird Information


When she is in his first level, it is less than 120, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.


When she is in her first level, it is less than 60, but she can be evolved to surpass this number.

Bird Power

When she is in her first level she gives less than 270 Bird Power to the team, but she can be evolved and trained to give more.


It costs 75 Black Evolution material to evolve her. The income of Black Evolution Material and Coins when selling her varies according to her level.



In The Beta

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