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Party Ahoy is the third episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the fifty-fifth overall.

This episode was aired on November 2, 2014.

Toons.TV Description

A massive pig party is raging on a remote island, but King Pig has been left behind! Luckily, Foreman Pig is there to help! Well, maybe luck isn't the right word...



King Pig was getting ready for a party on a distant island, but to his dismay, the Minion Pigs have already taken all the available boats there. In the distance, the party has already started. King Pig quickly turned around to see who could and fortunately, Foreman Pig was nearby. He saw where King Pig wanted to go to and quickly had an idea.

After a huge construction project, Foreman Pig showed King Pig the outcome: A half-sawn barrel. With glee, King Pig quickly got into the barrel but it capsized soon after. Disappointed what the outcome, he went back to the drawing board and threw away the plans.

The next boat came a sailboat. King Pig was excited about it as he knew it would definitely fit him easily. He got it on and Foreman Pig waved King Pig goodbye, but then had horror written on him when he saw King Pig drive the boat the wrong way into the harbor wall, crashing the sailboat.

As the night drew on and the party became more exciting, King Pig became depressed but suddenly Foreman Pig created a majestic ocean cruiser. King Pig became impressed with the ship and Foreman Pig gave him a bottle to smash onto the ship. He does so but instead of the bottle breaking, the ship broke into many little pieces because it was very fragile.

Furious with three failed boat attempts, King Pig took a life raft from the harbor and swam towards the island, though he was going super slow as Foreman Pig and his workers saw he had hardly moved at all. Throughout the night, King Pig swam although he was very exhausted.

When morning came around, he washed up on an island. He heard some music so he thought he made it but it turned out to be a tea party between Chronicler Pig and Professor Pig. King Pig sighed as he saw the actual party a distance away, but suddenly noticed the island's volcano erupting and heard the all the pigs at the party screaming in horror as they all died. King Pig suddenly felt happy that he did not reach that island. Though he does seem a little disturbed by the rather gruesome end of the party, he forgot about it and proceeded to join the tea party, with the party island now sinking.



  • King Pig's bottom tooth position is inconsistent.
    • At 0:12, the bottom tooth is on his left jaw but at 0:22, it jumps to his right jaw.
    • At 0:26, it is at the left jaw. At 0:30 it jumps to his right jaw.
    • At 0:48, it is once again at his left jaw but at 1:20, it is at his right jaw.
    • At 1:28, it jumps to his left jaw but at 2:01, it is now on his right jaw briefly before jumping back to his left jaw at 2:03.
  • At 0:35, Foreman Pig's fishing rod is missing.




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Party Ahoy!