Path of the Jedi
Episode number 4
Levels 40
New features Birds:

Dummy pigs transparentVoodoo Darth Vader Pig
Released November 8, 2012
Game(s) Star wars
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Hoth Cloud City

Path of the Jedi is the fourth episode in Angry Birds Star Wars. If the thirty-fifth level is beaten, Luke will obtain the green lightsaber, which is more powerful and longer than the blue lightsaber.

Birds and Pigs

  • Luke Skywalker's upgrade (4-36)
  • Yoda introduced (4-6)
  • Voodoo Pigs
  • Darth Vader Dummy


  • Even though the voodoo pigs are fake, they still make a squealing sound when they are destroyed.
  • Chewbacca does not appear in any levels in this episode.


  • 4-1: Luke arrives on Dagobah with R2 where he meets Yoda.
  • 4-6: Yoda teaches moral lessons to Luke about the Dark Side and how to be a Jedi.
  • 4-13: Luke enters the cavern armed. Once inside, he has a vision of himself angrily confronting Darth Vader and beheading him. However, the severed head's mask bursts apart and reveals Luke's face underneath; it is a warning that if Luke battles Vader with no emotional control, he will become Vader himself, seduced by the Dark Side.
  • 4-36: Luke gets given a green lightsaber and black clothes from Yoda, now he is a Jedi.
  • 4-40: Luke says goodbye to Yoda and sets off to find his friends before they are destroyed.
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