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Path of the Jedi is the fourth episode in Angry Birds Star Wars.

In order to fully unlock this episode, the player must beat all the planets with three stars, except the bonuses.

After beating all the levels, Luke Skywalker gain a Jedi Lightsaber, which is more powerful and longer.


4-1:Pilot Luke Skywalker land-crashes with his X-Wing on  Dagobah  and meets Yoda.

4-40:After all this training, Luke Skywalker receives a Jedi Lightsaber given by Yoda.

Birds, Pigs and Upgrades

  • Yoda.png Yoda introduced (J-1) (Assisting character only)
  • Dummy pigs transparent.png Voodoo Pigs
  • Voodoo Darth Vader Pig.png Darth Vader Dummy
  • Luke bird.png Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber Upgraded To Jedi (J-40)


  • Even though the voodoo pigs are fake, they still make a squealing sound when they are destroyed.