ABMovie Photog
Photog with his camera
Abilities Photography
First Appearance The Angry Birds Movie
Gender Male
Species Pig
Locations The Angry Birds Movie

(specifically - Bird Island and Piggy Island)

Strength Weak
Size Small

   Photog is a small pig with a camera that only appears in The Angry Birds Movie. He accompanied Earl, Leonard, Ross, and multiple other pigs on their expedition to Bird Island. He along with the rest of the pigs returned to Piggy Island. Along with multiple other pigs, he was defeated in the Battle of Pig City after being blown up by a huge dynamite explosion.

Photog was played by comedian Titus Burgess.



He is a small and fatter-than-usual Minion Pig.

Inside his mouth, he has two large separated teeth. He also has large black eyebrows over his eyes and two small ears on the right of his head. He is commonly seen with his camera, which he often takes photos with. Photog appears fatter than the other small Minion Pigs in the movie.

Photog's camera's lens has a pig's snout on it and they are green while the camera is black.


Not much is known about Photog, but he was seen to be cheerful, sly, goofy, and flirty, as he was shown flirting with Stella. He is obsessed with taking pictures of things, birds, and fellow pigs.

He is also always seen next to Foreman Pig, taking pictures of what is needed, meaning that he works for him.

When Leonard got the eggs, he turned into a soldier to protect the eggs, while still having his camera.



  • His name is a pun on photo and hog. It can also be a pun on Photographer.
  • Photog stated that he uploads photos on Instaham, which is a reference to the app Instagram.
  • Photog was incorrectly identified as Ross in The Angry Birds Movie's official guidebook.

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