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"Greetings from my world! The world of the pigs!"
Leonard, The Angry Birds Movie

Pigs are a species of mammals that appears in the Angry Birds series. They are a breed of green-colored pigs that can be either anthropomorphical or round in appearance. Most pigs live on planet earth, though, in the past, they also lived in another galaxy.



Overall, pigs are a breed with green skin and eyes with black pupils and no arms and legs. Similar to the real-life species, they have two small ears on their head (although being more rounded in the series as opposed to real pigs), small, floating dark green-colored eyebrows above their eyes, and a small snout with two holes on their nose. Monarchs are notable for their larger appearance and triangle-shaped body, mainly due to them being overweight.[2]

Originally, pigs were round in appearance, without showing limbs at all (with a few exceptions[3][4]). After the release of The Angry Birds Movie, pigs would get an anthropomorphic body with cloven hooves at the end of their limbs. The head is now directly connected to the torso without a neck. Future releases would switch between this design and the old one. Angry Birds Journey also made use of square-shaped pigs.

Few female pigs have been shown throughout the series, though it seems that they have the same physical appearance as male ones. Notable examples include Queen Pig (round), Zam Wesell, Foreman Pig's mother,[5] and Courtney.

Characteristics and culture[]

Similar to birds, pigs are an intelligent species, with each specimen having their own personality and being either good, evil, or neutral. The pigs inhabiting Piggy Island are governed by a monarchy, the Piggy kingdom, with its current ruler being King Pig Smooth Cheeks.[2] There were also many kings governing before Smooth Cheeks, the most notable of whom being Leonard. Paintings and statues of former kings can be found at the Pig Palace. Pigs live on Golden Island as well, where they follow the orders of Gale.

Most pigs are shown to have low intelligence. With some exceptions, they cannot recognize their ruler if the latter does not wear their crown.[6][7] It has also been shown that pigs are obsessed with unhealthy food.[1] In the Angry Birds Star Wars spinoff series, there were many pig smugglers in different parts of the galaxy seeking to get junk food. The Pig Empire was also famous for awarding the pigs who did their job well with huge proportions of junk food.[1] Similarly, it is known that the monarch of the Piggy kingdom must eat eggs to become a king.[2] Because of their stupid behavior however, pigs are a very joyful species, as even those in the lowest rank of their society are generally comfortable with their lives,[8] love having fun, and enjoy even the smallest of things. However, this sometimes leads them to ignore their ruler's orders.

Powers and abilities[]

Despite their stupidity, pigs are expert builders, having managed to build Gale's castle and the entire Pig City several times (with the latter even within the episode gap in Toons). They are also great mechanics and engineers, the most notable of whom being the Mechanic Pig, Professor Pig, and Garry. On their own, they have managed to build a large range of gadgets and vehicles, ranging from simple karts to airships, submarines, and even spaceships and space stations. In addition, a few pigs are expert wizards. Perhaps the most notable example is Chef Pig, who, as Wizpig, is able to heal himself, curse enemies, summon shields and Spirits, and even use his own magic to turn into Demonic Wizpig.

Pigs are infamous for cheating death; after suffering some damage, they will eventually "pop" and end up in a white limbo (the same white limbo from Piggy Tales), where they will be treated by Dr. Pork, healed and taken back to the normal world.[9] There are also pigs who managed to directly revive from the undead, such as the Undead enemies and the Zombie Pigs.


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