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Pig Bang is the first episode in Angry Birds Space and consists of 34 levels.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  Armed with their new cosmic powers, the Space Flock stood ready and waiting to fling themselves into action. They didn't have to wait long. Pink wormholes began swirling into existence all over the galaxy and before you could say 'ca-caw' the entire solar system was teaming with ships. Convinced they were safe from attack, the hogs started snatching eggsteroids with their cybernetic pinchers. Big mistake. Suddenly, warning klaxons sounded all across the piggy fleet. Were those comets streaking towards them? No, they were birds - and Angry Birds, at that.



The Birds witness the Pigs emerging from a vortex. The King Pig, in his mobile, steals an Eggsteroid using a claw. The Birds get angry and chase after them.


The King Pig is defeated by the Birds, but he emerges from the wreckage of his vehicle and escapes, so the Birds, chase after the Space King's escape UFO.

New things


  • Super Red Bird (Super Red Bird): Level 1-1.
  • Lightning Birds (Lightning Birds): This bird is splitting into three. Introduced in level 1-8.
  • Black Bird (Firebomb Bird): Exploding and destroys nearby blocks. Introduced in level 1-14.
  • Lazer Bird (Lazer Bird): Locked in target that tapped or clicked the screen. Introduced in level 1-20.


  • Large Pigs (Large Pig}): are introduced in level 1-1.
  • Medium Pigs (Medium Pig): are introduced in level 1-4.
  • Small Pigs (Small Pig): are introduced in level 1-6.
  • Foreman Pig (Foreman Pig) is introduced in level 1-9.
  • Corporal Pigs (Corporal Pig): are introduced in level 1-17.
  • King Pig (King Pig): appeared as a boss in level 1-30.


  • Asteroids (Template:Space Objects) are introduced in level 1-15.


Pig Bang contains 30 levels and 4 bonus levels. Most levels are very easy but some can be tricky for some new player. Level 1-28 is the trickiest.

Boss Fight

The boss of this episode is the King Pig, in the battle, King Pig will control a large machine that produces vegetables and asteroids, in order to defeat the King, the birds must hit the asteroids so they hit King Pig's machine and damage it, another way is to use Black Bird on the machine and have him explode. When King Pig is defeated, the machine will break and King Pig will escape in a UFO to Cold Cuts.


  1. Level 1-9
  2. Level 1-20


  • The episode's name is a pun on the term Big Bang, a cosmological theory for the origin of the Universe.
  • In this episode, there are space radishes that give you 1,000 points. They are also found in Special Item Bubbles with three stars above them, indicating that you have gotten three stars on every level.
  • This is the only planet to have an actual end-cutscene, rather than just an image of a pig getting defeated.



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