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Pig City is a location that appears in Angry Birds 2. It serves as the second of three locations on the World Map, though it can also appear in other modes.


Pig City is a city that is located Piggy Island, best known for being the residence of the pigs. It is full of tall higgledy-piggledy houses with straw roofings and wooden support beams. Some houses have small windmills on top of their roofs, others have party flags hanging between them. Apart from some pots with flowers in windowsills, vegetation is not present in Pig City. The city is also full off tall wooden cranes, some of which have one or more green flags with piggy snouts hanging from them. Confetti constantly blows around in Pig City. Buildings that can be spotted in the background include a rollercoaster and King Pig's castle. Fans are often present in levels.

Levels in Pig City take place during one of the following different settings:

  • Daytime; The sky is a bright blue. The sun lights up the scenery, making everything look bright and lively.
  • Rainy; The turquoise sky is full of clouds and rain. The houses are still softly lit up. A large rainbow is present in the background.
  • Afternoon; The now lower-hanging sun gives the sky a light purple color. All houses and other objects also get a purple tint.
  • Evening; The sun hangs low. it is the end of the day, and everything is lit up by the last rays of sunshine. It is golden hour, and the sky is yellow.
  • Nighttime; The sky has a deep purple color and a large moon shines in the middle. Inside the houses, lamps still shine, lighting up the windows.
  • Thunderstorm; This setting is exclusive to Boss Battles. The sky is a deep blue. It is raining quite hard, and frequent flashes of lightning happen, accompanied by loud booms of thunder.
  • Spooky Night; This setting is exclusive to Arena battles, Adventures and Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp. The sky is half purple, half mint-green. Bats fly around in the sky. The houses get a purple and cyan tint, making the whole scenery look very ominous. Instead of the straw roofs, houses are now topped off by janky tile roofings. Many cobwebs are present. Any flowers in windowsills are now dead twigs. Glowing orbs, likely fireflies, float around near the ground instead of the usual confetti.
  • Snowy Night; This setting is exclusive to Arena battles, Adventures and Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp. The sky is half blue, half salmon-pink. The confetti is replaced by snowflakes, slowly making their way down to the ground. The roofs, flowers and party flags are covered in a layer of snow.


Besides the regular Pig City scenery, a Carnival theme can also be found on the World Map and other modes.

Carnival themed levels are much more festive than the regular ones. Blue, red and yellow cloths cover the roofs, alongside handfuls of confetti and colourful party flags. Rows of lamps are installed on the edges of some roofs. In the background, a large, janky ferris wheel can be seen. A number of palm trees are now also present in the background, as well as circus tents and more rollercoasters. Near the bottom of the scene, a colored mist is seen, indicating the partying down below.

In Carnival themed levels, Trampolines and Beach Balls may appear. Trampolines are wooden platforms with a white, blue, yellow and red cloth, attached to it with nails. Beach balls are large orbs with similar colors as the Trampolines that float in the sky. Both of these objects are very bouncy, propelling Birds, pigs and objects away at even the slightest touch.

Carnival themed levels take place during the following settings:

  • Rainy; The party below colors the mist white.
  • Afternoon; The mist gets a light pink color.
  • Evening; The mist is orange.
  • Nighttime; The mist is a light orange.
  • Nighttime 2; This setting has the moon a little smaller and more to the right. All the colors here are just a little bit brighter than those of the regular nighttime, the mist below being a bright pink, orange and yellow. Many balloons float in the sky in the background.
  • Thunderstorm; The mist is white, and soft, orange beams of light are seen.


As with other locations, the main objective in the Cobalt Plateaus is to pop all the pigs in the levels. Said pigs might appear sheltered inside of structures. The player is given a limited deck of cards to launch the birds (or pigs) with a slingshot.

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