Template:Epic Infobox Level Pig City - 3 is the fourth level of Pig City in Angry Birds Epic. It is a normal stage. When this level is finished, the player may spin for 3 Ores..

Battle Hint

Key in "Hint Variable=" followed by either "Common Pigs", "Knights", "Pirates", "Pirates", "Wildlings", "Undead", "Ninjas", or "Special Enemy" to see the outcome.


Once the flock defeated him, Wizpig became scared of them briefly. As he flew into King Pig's Castle, he laughed evilly as he plotted a new attack plan in the castle. To the flock, it was time to get back the fifth egg.


CactusKnight.png Cactus Knight

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png 910


Spiky Blow

Deals 28 damage. Target also takes 80 damage per turn for the next 3 turns.



Enemies attacking the target receive 52 damage per attack. Lasts 3 turns.



Passive: Halves received damage less than 237.

Wizpig (Transparent).png Wizpig

ABEpicHP (Transparent).png 1575


Black Storm

Charge: 2 turns. Deals 210 damage to all enemies and heals for 50% of the damage dealt.


Dark Energy

Enemies attacking target ally receive 105 damage each hit. Lasts 2 turns.


Drain Life

Passive: Doubles received healing.

The boss of Mountain Pig Castle.


Strategy 1

Choose Red in Paladin, Chuck in Lightning Bird and Bomb in Capt'n. Attack with Red and Bomb (attack the Cactus Knight first). Then, use Chuck's secondary skill on Red if he still alive. When the Rage Chili is full, use Bomb's secondary skill on Red and then use the Rage Chili for Red to attack the Wizpig with a 750+ damage. Repeat this over until you win or either lose.

Strategy 2

Choose Chuck in Rainbird, Matilda in Druid and The Blues in Rogue. Focus your attacks on Cactus Knight until you kill him. Use Chuck and Matilda to heal any damaged birds, especially Chuck in removing the Spiky Blow effect. Make sure to use The Blues’ secondary skill on the bird with the highest health to protect injured ones from Cactus Knight. After you kill the Cactus Knight, make sure to attack Wizpig at least every 3 turns to prolong the attack effects. At this point, Wizpig is the only one attacking, so use The Blues’ secondary skill as much as possible (Two times before attacking again) to counter Wizpig’s Black Storm and Drain Life ability. Use the Rage Chili on The Blues unless if the birds are badly damaged; in that case, use it on Matilda. Repeat strategy until battle ends.


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