Pig City Valentine
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Episode number 1
Air Date February 10, 2018
Written by Meruan Salim
Directed by Meruan Salim
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Pig City Valentine is the first episode of Piggy Tales: 4th Street. This episode made the the record for Piggy Tales: 4th Street to be the first season to have started with a special episode itself. This episode started four days prior to Valentine's Day.

YouTube Description

A love story from the streets of Pig City.


The episode starts with an Elder Cupid Pig distributing letters happily to two young pigs for Valentine's Day and the pigs try to find out the surprise in their letters and opening it, they find rose petals popping out as a symbol of the special day. The Cupid Pig then continues to distribute letters to the young pigs and the young pigs receive the same popping rose petals and become happy. The Elder Cupid Pig then goes to his own letter box joyfully. The young pigs feel strange of what is his plan to see his the letter box. The Cupid Pig sees the letter box only to realise that the young pigs never sent even a letter to him in return. He becomes sad and sees back and finds out that no one ever thought of giving the letter to him. He becomes much sad and drops the letter box to the ground. He walks away sadly but then sees a group of young pigs standing right in front of him and they give him a surprise letter and the Cupid Pig becomes happy and emotional and he opens it. The letter then reveals a popping heart which turns out to be a time bomb. The time bomb explodes and out of Earth, in space the explosion reveals a big red heart. Back in Pig City, all pigs including the Cupid Pig go black and the young pigs enjoy themselves with the Cupid Pig yet emotional. The episode then ends.


  • This episode (along with other episodes excluding Scary Fog and Holiday Heist) had been leaked on iTunes.
  • This was a special episode, making Piggy Tales: 4th Street the first season to have ever started with a special episode itself.
  • This was revealed that the Cupid Pig was elder and the pigs to whom the letters were distributed were the young ones. In the episode, when the Cupid Pig was walking away and the group of pigs came in front of him, according to the size, the Cupid Pig was elder while the pigs in the group were young.
  • When the explosion occurred, in space, it showed that at the middle of the Earth, there was a rocky snout. But where the explosion happened was located east of the location of the snout. This is unthinkable that how the snout came in the middle whereas the Pig City was towards the east. And also in the Pig City, there would not be a rocky snout. It is somewhat logical because in this city, there is not even a mountain range bordering the city.


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Piggy Tales 4th Street - Pig City Valentine

Piggy Tales 4th Street - Pig City Valentine

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