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Pig Dipper is the 6th episode of Angry Birds Space. On Angry Birds Nest, Wednesday, December 5, 2012, a new episode for Angry Birds Space was leaked as "Water Galaxy", but was renamed to Pig Dipper. It is somewhat similar to Piglantis, due to having a new water/liquid element and theme. The power-ups were also introduced in Angry Birds Space.


The following is from The World of Angry Birds Official Guide, as told by the Mighty Eagle:

  Finally! The Space Piggies have created a working submarine. The pigs have splashed down on a series of watery worlds in the hope that they will find eggsteroids hidden beneath the waves. Luckily, the Space Flock are ready to put a dampener on King Pig's plans.


Before episode: The Space King, alive and well, steals back the Eggsteroid and goes into a water planet. However, the Birds give chase.

After the episode: The Birds defeat the King Pig, destroy his UFO Submarine and are happy to have the Eggsteroid back.

New things

  • Water planet (Template:Space Objects): All light birds float on the water but some will sink.
  • Red Oyster(Template:Space Objects): Worth you 3,000 points.


Pig Dipper consists of 30 levels. It contains some hard levels such as 6-20, 6-24, 6-25, 6-27, very hard levels such as 6-5, 6-12, and two extremely hard levels, 6-22 and 6-28. There are only six levels that are easy: 6-1 (obviously), 6-2, 6-4, 6-6, 6-13 and 6-19. In this episode, some levels are very hard to get 3 stars. This episode contains more hard levels. It's considered one of the harder episodes of Angry Birds Space.

  • Easiest level: Level 6-4
  • Hardest Level: Level 6-22 and Level 6-28


  • The planet's name is a pun of the Bad Piggies and the world-famous Big Dipper constellation.
  • When using his special ability in the water, the Ice Bird also creates an ice meteorite.
  • Fiery rocks which were in Red Planet are included in some of the levels. When they go underwater, they cool off and the water puts out the magma around them, becoming inactive.
  • This is the first update of the Angry Birds games in 2013.
  • Some of the "planets" appear to be actual living giant fish. Some of them are larger, and have sharp teeth and are asleep.
  • This is the third time King Pig appears as a boss, and the first time he returns in the game after Cold Cuts.
  • Some birds react differently to water physics; light birds like Lazer Bird and Lightning Birds will float on the water, while bigger ones like Terence and Bomb will sink. This refers to buoyancy.
  • Oddly, the pigs can survive underwater forever. They look like they are holding their breaths.
  • Lightweight birds' corpse sprites appear automatically when they go in and out the few times in water. 
  • In the sound files for Angry Birds Space, it is referred to as "water galaxy".
  • Due to the water being inside a gravitational field, when a lightning bird stops moving, it will seem like it is "floating".
  • Lightning Birds only appear in four levels: 6-3, 6-16, 6-17 and 6-28. They do not appear much in this episode.
  • When King Pig's submarine moves, it sounds slightly similar to that of the big propeller in Bad Piggies.
  • This episode is based on Earth.
  • There are whale vocals in the background, however, there are no whales in the levels.
  • In the water If a Bird Stops moving, their Corpse will appear.
  • The Gravitational Fields in Pig Dipper doesn't have atmosphere.
  • In this update, the level select screen for all episodes was updated, now the level icons don't appear to be recolors of the icons from Pig Bang.


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