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Template:Theme Infobox Pig Dipper 6-24 is the 24th level in Pig Dipper.The objective of level 6-24 is to use the birds to eliminate all the pigs. Get at least 104,000 points for 3 stars.


  • Fat Pig is the trickiest pig, so he hides behind the mountain in underwater.
  • Getting 3 stars is very challenging.


Launch Ice Bird up and over the first planet so that he comes back down into the water, bouncing up and over the pile of debris, and ultimately into the icy asteroid and destroy the ice block below the boulders, then they fall and defeat some pigs. Now aim Bomb down so he lands on top of the bottom pile of rubble.


New Eggsteroid is here! It's below the normal line of sight between the slingshot and the main target. Use any birds to obtain but the Lazer Bird is the easiest.


Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper 6-24 Walkthrough 3-Star

Angry Birds Space Pig Dipper 6-24 Walkthrough 3-Star

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