Pig Expectations
Pig Expectations TC
Episode number 25
Air Date December 2, 2016
Written by Duncan Rochfort
Directed by Thomas Lepeska and Meruan Salim
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Pig Expectations is the twenty-fifth episode of Piggy Tales: Third Act.

Toons.TV Description

A jealous pig gets his comeuppance when he tries to swap presents.


The small pig becomes excited to have received his present which was below the Christmas tree. But he sees that a large pig gets a large present compared to his small present. He becomes angry and throws his little present which touches the large pig. The large pig finds the small pig's present and takes it on his hand. The small pig still angry gets the large present from the large pig and the small present is with the large pig. The greedy pig becomes happy and takes out the present. But it turns out to be another present box, little smaller than the large present. He shakes it and he hears a sound, he takes out the present but again he gets a little smaller box. He opens the box but he gets smaller present box. This continues and till it becomes a tiny present while the large pig sees the small pig. The small pig becomes sad and looks at the large pig. He takes out the tiny present and it turns to be a tiny candy stick. The large pig sees the tiny candy stick and he becomes happy as he understood that if he opens the small present which was for the small pig which was swapped, he will get a large present. He opens the present box and gets a normal box and he opens again and again gets a bigger box while the small pig gets shocked. The present boxes pile up size by size, from small to bigger to make a tower. The small pig looks at the tower and the large pig gets a large candy stick and becomes happy and goes away. The small pig still shocked gets angry and throws his tiny candy stick and it hits the biggest box which is the last box of the tower. The big box falls with the small boxes behind and the small pig tries to run away but he gets trapped in the large box but the smaller present boxes cover the large box and becomes smaller till all the boxes fall on the other boxes. The present box becomes very tiny with small pig trapped inside the tiny box. He jumps out so that he can come out of the box but he fails. With no option, he jumps with the box out of the screen. In the end credits, the small pig sings the song 'Jingle Bells'.


  • It was unknown how the pigs got their presents by taking out boxes small to big and big to small. This made the pigs confused.
  • The small pig was supposed to get the large candy stick and the big pig had to get small candy stick. This was because the small pig was good and the large pig was little bad and greedy in food as proved in the episode Batter Up.
  • The episode showed the opposite of behaviour of the pigs as compared to the other episodes of Batter Up and Let's Tango. The large pig was kind-hearted in Christmas and the small pig was greedy.
  • This was the second episode of Christmas preceded by Light Dance and succeeded by Gift Wrapped and Holiday Song.
  • It was unknown how the pig got stuck in the boxes which went smaller in size which fell on him before he could run away.
  • This was the first episode that in the end credits a pig was singing the song except the episodes which the Tenor Pig was singing. In this episode, the pig sang Jingle Bells. This was followed in the episodes of Holiday Song and Lost Piggy.
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