Pig Plot Potion is the 31st episode of Angry Birds Toons

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Chef Pig turns Red into a pig thanks to an evil potion. And it works so well that Red himself starts bringing the eggs straight to King Pig! Will he realize what he's doing before it’s too late?


At the Lab, Chef Pig tried to make a green potion which transforms sprayed beings into pigs. He saw a snail and tried to spray it with the potion. It worked and the snail becomes a piggy snail!

Red protects The Eggs from getting into the hands of the pigs when he saw Chef Pig in the bushes, but got sprayed with the potion. He becomes a pig and he also acted like a minion pig. He got the eggs to Chef Pig and went to King Pig's palace to celebrate.

At Pig City, in the King's Palace, where there was King Pig, the Minion Pigs sounded the trumpet when Chef Pig and piggy Red came to the King's Palace. Some minion pigs prepared him a knife, fork, and napkin, and then Red and Chef Pig went to the kitchen to make the King Pig dinner.

At the King Pig's kitchen, Chef Pig prepared the ingredients to cook an eggy soup, chopped and sliced some vegetables one by one using a chopping knife together with piggy Red. They exchanged the ingredients to be chopped comfortably. Piggy Red lit the firewood on fire and prepared the soup bowl. They put all ingredients in it, mixed very well and tasted the soup. It was delicious and had a good taste. But suddenly, when a piggy snail crawl in the kitchen, the potion's curse dissolved and it turns back into an original form --- a snail! Before piggy Red puts the eggs in a soup, Chef Pig forgot to get something --- an egg beater--- but when he saw piggy Red again, the potion's curse started to dissolve!

Chef Pig tried to spray him again, but the potion was empty --- so he quickly made a new, but yellow potion, but when he was done making it, he saw a normal Red and sprayed him, but Red blew the spray away before it reaches him, so the curse went to Chef Pig. Red escaped the Pig Town with The Eggs.

King Pig waited a long time for the soup, pounding the table and chanting for eggs --- but when the food was served, there was a snail eating. When he saw Chef Pig, King Pig laughed at him because Chef Pig had turned into a snail-palm tree and car hybrid. 

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  • This is the seventh episode to have a Pig, Pigs, Piggy, or Piggies' name in the title card. First was Pig Talent, Second was Crash Test Piggies, Third was Hypno Pigs, Fourth was The Bird That Cried Pig, Fifth was Green Pig Soup, and the Sixth was Piggy Wig.
  • Red is the only bird who is transformed into a pig, but his friends, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Jay, Jake, Jim and Terence are still birds.
  • This episode was rarely nicknamed 'Piggy Jekyll & Birdy Hyde'.
  • This is the second episode in a row to have a pig on the title card.
  • This is the third time minion pigs sounded the trumpet. First was Pig Talent, the second was Piggy Wig, and the fourth was Bird Flu.
  • This is the 14th appearance of Red.
  • This is the ninth appearance of King Pig.
  • This is the fourth appearance of Chef Pig.
  • This is the first time that Chef Pig appeared on the title card.
  • Chef Pig uses his moustache as a hand.
  • This is the second episode directed by Thomas Lepeska.
  • Red's face looks different when he saw the eggs. His body expands.
  • In the palace, the carpet is red just like the episodes Slappy-Go-Lucky, and Piggy Wig.
  • Red's pig appearance looks like the pig in Hamshank Redemption.
  • It is unknown why Professor Pig didn't make the potion, as professor pig is supposed to be the scientist of the pigs.
    • Possibly because Professor Pig is a friend to the birds because he makes the potions in Angry Birds Epic.
  • It revealed Chef Pig is a scientist, beside a chef.
  • It revealed King Pig goes crazy with eggs near.


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