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Pig Possessed is the twenty-fifth episode of Angry Birds Toons Season 2 and the seventy-seventh overall.

Toons.TV Description

King Pig is on a wild eating spree when he happens upon (i.e. devours entirely) the tent of a witch doctor.


A witch doctor is brewing something in her tent. She puts in a bat wing and looks for another ingredient, a bird's claw. Meanwhile, King Pig is seen traveling through town on his throne, eating everything in sight. Just as the witch doctor is about to put the claw in the cauldron, King Pig rushes through the witch doctor's tent, swallows the claw and destroys the tent. The witch doctor gets angry and makes the sky green. The King Pig then gets ill and the Minion Pigs carrying the king's throne decide to take him back to his castle. There, the Chronicler Pig opens a book to a terrifying picture of what the King Pig would look like if he ate the claw. The king would turn into a monster, as the book described. The Chronicler Pig tells one of the minion pigs to ring the castle bells. This summons some pigs wearing tall pointy purple hats and carrying torches with blue flames who surround King Pig to attempt an exorcism. The leader of the pigs makes a circle around the King Pig with liquid from a purple bottle. Then, the leader lays his torch on the circle, which ignites it. The king turns blue, which scares everyone.

Worriedly, the Chronicler Pig flips through the book and tells a minion pig to play some drums. Suddenly, Shaman Pig appears and dances around the room to the drums. Using his staff, he raises the flames so they cover the King Pig. The pigs with the blue torches dance along with Shaman Pig. He points his staff and the King, which doesn't make him better. Then, one of the pigs sneezes and sets fire to the Shaman Pig's headwear. Then the purple hats catch fire and everyone runs around screaming. One of the pigs holds a fire extinguisher and imitates a fire engine siren. Chronicler Pig is worried about this until he sees a picture in the book which shows an identical representation of what's happening right now, to which he relaxes. While all this is going on, the doors swing open to reveal the witch doctor pig. She enters and takes the tribal pigs staff, and punches King Pig in the stomach, making him cough up the claw, implying that he was choking on it. The witch doctor is happy to have it back but scares the pig with the claw. As she exits, she scares Chronicler Pig and the Shaman Pig with the claw. King Pig sees the Shaman Pig's staff, thinking it is food and eats it, just after the credits begin. During the credits, King Pig could be heard coughing and spluttering.



  • When Chronicler Pig tells a minion pig to ring the bells, he says "Ding dong."
  • This is the 18th episode of Angry Birds Toons, 3rd episode in 2015 and the 7th and last episode of Season 2 not to include Birds.
  • in the funny voice overs chronicler pig states the hand gives "albert Einstein syndrome."