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Pig Power is the seventh episode of the Angry Birds Stella Animated Series.

Toons.TV Description

Dahlia got grand plans for a suspension bridge on the Golden Island. But where can she find a workforce to build it? They should be good at building things, great in numbers, and easily fooled.

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The episode begins with Dahlia laying down a blueprint, obviously, the orange bird has something on her mind. She quickly begins to sketch her ideas onto the empty blueprint, and gathering more ideas overtime, she works from that afternoon into the evening, eventually working into the next morning without break. After a long night of working out her idea, she rolls up the blueprint to show to her friends.

On the beach, Luca, Poppy, Stella, and Willow are enjoying their day on the beach. As the friends prepare to enjoy themselves, Stella is the first to hear Dahlia calling out to them whilst holding a blueprint. As Dahlia finally catches up to her friends, she unrolls the blueprint to reveal sketches and concept art of a suspension bridge. Dahlia explains her plans as her friends (particularly Stella) are impressed with her ideas; however, they have no interest in building an entire suspension bridge, and they bail on Dahlia.

Dahlia, being abandoned by her friends, proceeds to work on her suspension bridge all by her lonesome, unfortunately her plans consisted of a much more sophisticated structure, and not a pile of huge rocks and sticks with strings tied on them. Feeling hopeless, Dahlia thinks about giving up.. that is, until she hears pigs! Dahlia runs into the forest behind her and finds that construction is taking place, and of course, Gale is running the project with her minion pigs. Dahlia begins to laugh, finding that she has a way to complete her project; however, something.. or someone.. is in her way of accomplishing that: Gale.

Dahlia stops laughing to find Gale on the top of a rock, commanding the pigs. After Gale gets angry at a sleeping pig, Dahlia realizes that pigs only obey those who have the crown that Gale is wearing. Dahlia gets an idea and quickly runs back to her lab, and makes a disguise of Gale (of course with a paper replica of her crown to ensure that the pigs will obey Dahlia's commands). After gazing in a puddle for a brief moment, she is confident that this disguise will work, and knowing how much Gale likes to squawk at others, she mimics Gale's "voice" (for lack of a better word) and it turns out to be successful!

The scene fades to an exhausted Gale, who walks down a slope (with Handsome Pig in tow) and she hops onto a makeshift bed, and when Handsome Pig attempts to follow her, she commands him to stay back and look after the minion pigs while she sleeps. While Gale now out of sight, Dahlia takes this opportunity to (literally) jump out of the brush and into the construction area, and Dahlia has made all the pigs (including Handsome Pig) confused with her presence. Handsome Pig becomes skeptical and takes a hard stare at Dahlia's disguise, and it's only when the former mimics Gale's squawking that Handsome Pig is convinced that she is the actual Gale. With her disguise fully convincing the pigs, Dahlia commands the pigs to follow her, and she shows the blueprint of the suspension bridge she was trying to convince her friends to help her with earlier that day. Once the pigs see the pile of rocks, string, and sticks, they are amazed by how terrible the progress is and immediately go to improve it.

Dahlia laughs to herself, only to find that Handsome Pig is at her side, sweet talking the disguised bird, making Dahlia confused and runs away a short distance to check on the pigs' progress. As time goes by, progress on the bridge is coming along, but then there is a pig asleep atop of a yellow pillar, who eventually falls off and lands on a plank of wood, sending a cinderblock flying towards Dahlia. Noticing the danger she's in, Handsome Pig steps in and protects Dahlia and gets crushed by the cinderblock instead. Dahlia is in a brief daze, but eventually realizes that Handsome Pig had protected her from a cinderblock! Concerned for his safety, Dahlia immediately runs towards him and pulls him out from under the block. Feeling sorry for him, she mimics Gale's giggling, making Handsome Pig think that he is a true hero and makes him feel better.

Meanwhile, Gale comes back to the construction site and calls out to the pigs, and screams for them, seemingly worried.

The scene cuts back to Dahlia finishing up her plans for this bridge, and she is approached by Gale's admirer who brought her juice drink (the juice is possibly from the coconut he was holding). Handsome Pig constantly nudges this drink into her line of sight, annoying Dahlia. Gale is seen coming out of the bushes to find that her pigs have began construction on something she never mentioned! She believes the pigs are slacking and she calls them back to the original construction site, in which they obey her. Now with her forces taken from her, Dahlia calls back the pigs, and Gale's attention is brought to this. Gale doesn't mind the disguise, but then she notices the fake crown on the disguise's head, and leaps towards it and destroys not only the disguise, but also the fake crown, and Dahlia is horrified with what she has just witnessed from behind a nearby rock. Handsome Pig realizes that he's been tricked, and begins to sob as Gale and the rest of the pigs walk away.

During the evening, Dahlia finally finishes the suspension bridge and gazes upon her work as Luca, Stella, Poppy, and Willow show up to greet the latter, and they are highly impressed with Dahlia's work. Dahlia and her friends walk upon the first few feet of the bridge and the latter cuts the rope to mark its grand opening; however, Dahlia must've been rushing so much, she didn't realize that the rope was actually supporting the bridge structure!

With that being said, the suspension bridge falls apart, and the flock is caught up in the mess.



  • This is the second time sad songs are played.
  • This episode focuses on a main aspect of Dahlia's personality: Inventiveness.
  • This episode focuses other aspects of Dahlia's personality: She pays close attention to detail, she is observant, she can manipulate others through intelligence, and she is a skilled mimicker of Gale's squawking, possibly hinting that she can impersonate other squawks as well.
  • This is the second episode to show pigs doing construction work.
  • This episode proves that Handsome Pig isn't any smarter than the rest of the pigs, believing that Dahlia's disguise was actually Gale.
  • This is the first episode to show Dahlia's treehouse/laboratory.
  • Stella was shown to be wearing a bandana in that episode, referencing how she appeared in Angry Birds Go! but in the promotion of the game itself, she's wearing both the bandana and sunglasses as she was driving the Soda Pop Sedan kart.

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