Pig Tales
Episode number 5
Levels 30
New features Fairy Dust Orbs, Mushbloom
Released March 27, 2013
Game(s) Angry Birds Friends
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Pigini Beach N/A

Not to be confused with Piggy Tales.

Pig Tales is an episode in Angry Birds Friends released on March 27, 2013. It is a special themed episode, with it having a new block and Power-Up.


Mighty Eagle is reading Jay, Jake, and Jim a story about: Birds in Wonderland forest when Matilda, Red, and Chuck were watching the eggs. Suddenly, an orb crashes on the nest, lifting up the birds and the Eggs. The eggs then fly away with the two Medium Pigs that dropped the orb. The birds pursue the pigs into a forest, where they encounter a caterpillar made of the King Pig and Corporal Pigs. The birds use Mush-Blooms to defeat the pigs and recover the eggs.


The episode features Fairy Dust orbs. If they are destroyed, everything near the orbs is moved in a short time. These would be later featured in the Bunny Business Tournament and appear in the other tournaments since then.

There are Pigs with mushroom hats.

The chapter added a new mushroom power-up named the Mushbloom, and you can now buy a mushroom hat for your avatar.


  • This is the first actual episode of Angry Birds Friends that Bubbles makes a debut in.
  • If you joined the Egg Hunt and you completed it (max 280), you MAY earn a free Mighty Eagle Plush.
  • The second cutscene depicts King Pig with his crown from toons.
  • This episode looks like the fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland.






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